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The Most Eminent Nobles Live Upstairs Skyshard

Once again, the name points towards the district we should go for. It is located in the Nobles District, in the southwestern part of Imperial City. This is the same area where you can find the Legionary Trophy Vault and Nobles Armory crafting station.

While in the Nobles district, head to its northwestern part. Like many other outdoor Imperial City skyshards, you’ll find this one outside – but there’s a little twist. It is inside a building, on the first floor. The nobles like their houses big. The one you should go in is the only one in this part of the district. It is surrounded by roads. The entrance I used is on its eastern side. There is a small crack in the wall. Use the stairs and climb to the first floor. Look for a couple of empty bookshelves. It looks like this was a nice house before it was ruined. The pictures on the ground floor look untouched. For some reason, they are interesting to see, wherever you find them.

In the same district, you can also find the Nobles Armory crafting station. You can craft the Noble’s Conquest Set here. The set bonus offers additional max health, stamina and healing taken boosts. When you wear the whole set, an ability activates once you interrupt a casting enemy. It gives you a heal and increases the damage enemies take for a short period of time.

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