The Sapling



Quest Text:
Zasha-Ja fears for the survival of the Hist Tree the Argonians transplated from Black Marsh to Ebonheart. He thinks the Dark Elves of House Dres poisoned it, so he wants to fertilize it to encourage its growth.

First objective:
Mudcrabs are common around the shores of the Argonian quarter north of Ebonheart. Their meat is a convenient fertilizer. Ashreed grows in the shallow waters. It would work well as a wrapper for crab meat.

  • Collect <<1>>
  • Collect <<1>>
Quest giver NPC is inside a large hut in northern Ebonheart.

Objective 1: Collect 3 Mudcrab Meat and 4 Ashreeds
Mudcrab meat drops from small Mudcrabs in the area. Upon killing them, loot their meat for quest objective. Ashreeds are Clump of Reed plants that you can find and gather on the shore.

Objective 2: Talk to Zasha-Ja
She sometimes spawns right after you complete the previous objective. Pay attention if she spawns near you, as you can save yourself some time.

Objective 3: Fertilize the Hist Sapling
Hist Sapling is a small tree, north of the hut from where you have taken the quest. This tree is on top of a small island in the middle of a pond. Approach it and use the default action button in order to fertilize.

Objective 4: Talk to Zasha-Ja and Biiril
At this point the quest is almost done so go back to the hut and talk with Zasha-Ja and Biiril for mission completion.

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