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This Cistern Contains The Heart Of A Lion Skyshard

The cistern is found in the city’s underground. To reach it, find the Lambent Passage sewer entrance in the western Nobles District (southwest town area). The entrance is just north from the Nobles Armory, and in general, is quite easy to spot on the map. Inside the sewers, you’ll need to find the room that is just between Bloodmist Slaughterhouse (area of interest to the west) and Taebod the Gatekeeper (group boss to the east).

We need to reach the Vile Drainage from Lambent Passage. The door to this area is found as you head toward the center of the sewer. It is the first door you have to pass through in order to continue your journey. As you enter the Vile Drainage, head toward the Bloodmist Slaughterhouse. Within the second room, east of it, is another circular room. Find a flag with a lion painted on a blue background on top of it. Get to the platform with it, next to some wooden boxes. If you’ve pulled some of the enemies before this part, you can just jump on this platform, and they’ll stop the chase.

The “lion” part of the name is clearly not a mystery once you find it, but the cistern part was a bit confusing for a moment. Maybe the circular room reflects something that should be a cistern. I am out of ideas for this one.

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