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Unnoticed By A Melancholy Elf Skyshard

Western Malabal Tor, just southwest of Dra’Bul Wayshrine.

This is one of those shards you probably won’t miss. It is just south of the main road that connects western part of Malabal Tor with the central part. It stands on the ground, next to a large tree root. You might wonder where it got its name from? Just north of the shard’s location is a small camp. Inside the small camp there is an Elf NPC – Tahruin the Melancholy. This NPC starts the quest “The Summer Site“. This mission is part of Falinesti Summer Site objective.

South of the main road, southwest of Dra’Bul Wayshrine.

South of a nearby camp with Elf NPC Tahruin the Melancholy.

One thought on “Unnoticed By A Melancholy Elf Skyshard

  1. theola

    This skyshard is not working for me. Done a full reboot twice. Just not working. And I havent already used it because im new in this area. Please help


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