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Withered Within The Vine Skyshard

Northeastern Malabal Tor, north of Black Vine Ruins, just east of Wilding Run Wayshrine.

Shard at this location is found inside Black Vine Ruins – public dungeon. Entrance to this dungeon is from a nearby river. This is a level 37 dungeon, where group of two and three mobs are common. To collect this piece, you have to reach the southernmost part of the dungeon. It’s inside this small room, at the center of what appears to be a sacrificial stand.

Quest “Brothers and Bandits” that you can pick up at the start of the dungeon from Daine NPC has some interesting story.

Find and enter Black Vine Ruins solo dungeon.

Black Vine Ruins entrance map location.

In southernmost part of the dungeon.

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