Craglorn Video Preview – Magical Anomaly

Craglorn is a new zone people will be able to experience in Elder Scrolls Online and it is coming with patch 1.1. Patch is currently live on the Public Test Server and we had the privilege of seeing some of the new content. We wanted to share some of our experiences with the rest of the ESO community and bellow you can view a video showing one of the repeatable Points of Interest called Magical Anomaly.

Craglorn is a zone entirely designed for groups of Veteran Rank 9 or higher players. You can attempt doing this at a lower level, but I guarantee that this will be a big challenge. Almost none of the mob groups are soloable, because they come in large groups (4+) of veteran 11 monsters. If you decide to venture into Craglorn you better bring some friends along. In return you will be rewarded with some of the most exciting group content in the game. There are several types of encounters and quests you will be able to do scattered around the zone. One of such POIs are Magical anomalies with a crystal in the center that needs to be destroyed. Once attacked, waves of mobs will spawn in an attempt to protect the crystal from destruction. You have to fight of these waves while trying to destroy the crystal. There are other similar events available in the zone and we’ll publish more videos showcasing them. If you have any questions about new content or want us to record anything special we’ll be more than happy to oblige. Just leave a comment in the comment section bellow and we’ll try and accommodate you. NOTE: All of this is still in beta and things might change by the time patch gets released on the live server so take all this with a grain of salt.

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