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Craglorn preview part 3 – Hircine’s Haunt dungeon

Beside open world events and quests that you can do with passer-byes in the new zone of Craglorn there are also group dungeons available that are instanced and that have tough bosses at the end of each dungeon. These dungeons are instanced for your group (as far as I know) and trash mobs do not represent much of a challenge for a well organised group of veteran rank 9+ players, but bosses could prove to be extra tough without proper usage of tactics. This kind of challenge is what my biggest impression I took away from from playing through the new zone. Complicated group challenges that reward you with satisfaction of beating something with your friends and getting epic item rewards while doing it.

Dungeon we visited on the Public Test Server is called Hircine’s Haunt and it is comparable in size to regular public dungeons in other zones. It has a lot of trash mob groups with 8+ mobs in each group. If you are looking for other types of content you’ll be able to find in Craglorn please check out parts 1 and 2 of our Craglorn video previews.

Craglorn preview part 2 – Anka-Ra Burial Site

There are several types of content you will come across in the new zone Craglorn, upcoming with ESO patch 1.1. You have these events, similar to dark anchors in other zones, that you can repeat and attempt with random passer-byes. You also have various quests that you can do on daily basis. Public and solo dungeons are replaced with dungeons that require a full group to finish and have very hard bosses at the end. There are also trials for the most hardcore groups of 12 to conquer. In our previous preview of Craglorn we showed you one of the repeatable open world events called Magical Anomaly. We managed to do that content with a group of four VR9 players.

In the video bellow you can see another repeatable event type called Anka-Ra Burial Site. Your goal is to protect the NPC, performing a ritual, from waves of different mobs. In the video you will see each of the waves and their mechanics along with what happens in the end. We did not manage to complete this event with a group of 3 adventurers. We lacked in DPS. I believe a fourth member would be enough to get us through the whole thing.

Each of these events and POIs give a lot of Veteran Rank points and I believe it will be a great way for people to level through the last veteran ranks. Afterwards, they can do the hardest group content in the game. Craglorn, as a whole, is a wonderful place to spend your end-game time in. Challenging, with lots of great mechanics and all requiring group efforts, we think this is the end game content Elder Scolls Online deserves.

Craglorn Video Preview – Magical Anomaly

Craglorn is a new zone people will be able to experience in Elder Scrolls Online and it is coming with patch 1.1. Patch is currently live on the Public Test Server and we had the privilege of seeing some of the new content. We wanted to share some of our experiences with the rest of the ESO community and bellow you can view a video showing one of the repeatable Points of Interest called Magical Anomaly.

Craglorn is a zone entirely designed for groups of Veteran Rank 9 or higher players. You can attempt doing this at a lower level, but I guarantee that this will be a big challenge. Almost none of the mob groups are soloable, because they come in large groups (4+) of veteran 11 monsters. If you decide to venture into Craglorn you better bring some friends along. In return you will be rewarded with some of the most exciting group content in the game. There are several types of encounters and quests you will be able to do scattered around the zone. One of such POIs are Magical anomalies with a crystal in the center that needs to be destroyed. Once attacked, waves of mobs will spawn in an attempt to protect the crystal from destruction. You have to fight of these waves while trying to destroy the crystal. There are other similar events available in the zone and we’ll publish more videos showcasing them. If you have any questions about new content or want us to record anything special we’ll be more than happy to oblige. Just leave a comment in the comment section bellow and we’ll try and accommodate you. NOTE: All of this is still in beta and things might change by the time patch gets released on the live server so take all this with a grain of salt.

Building Your Character

The ESO team has put together a wonderful little video showcasing the character development process players will have access to in The Elder Scrolls Online. They discuss different ways to gain experience points, how skills grow, how using different equipment gives you access to different skills, and even touch on the ability to become a werewolf or a vampire.

The video is a must watch for anyone planning on playing the game when it releases, so take a look and let us know what you think in the comments below.

A Look At ESO Character Creation


Character creation is the first step in any Role Playing experience and is one of the most important decisions you will make. If you may be staring at a character for hours upon end you want as much control over their appearance as possible. This is one thing that the Elder Scrolls games have done very well, with a wide variety of races to chose from and many options for altering their appearance. There was some question if The Elder Scrolls Online would be able to recreate the same experience, but the development team assured players they wouldn’t be disappointed.  From the looks of this video they may have succeeded in meeting even the judgmental gamer’s standards.

The video shows off an incredibly wide variety of character models created using their character creator, and they all looked pretty amazing. From Argonians, to Khajiit, to Nords there are plenty of appearance details to play around with until you find the look that suits you.

What did you think of the character creation you saw in the video? Let us know in the comments below!

Rediscovering the Clannfear

If you have played some of the previous Elder Scroll games you may be familiar with the Clannfear, a nasty little Daedra that I think looks quite a bit like a demon raptor. They will be making a return to the Elder Scrolls world in ESO, and with a new look to boot.

You can take a look into the creation of the Clannfear if you continue reading, and be sure to let us know what you think of its new look in the comments below. Continue reading

ESO booth @ GamesCom video footage

We have had lots of Elder Scrolls Online related activity during GamesCom 2013. We managed to interview the developers and get our hands on some gameplay. As we prepare those articles for you we wanted to share with you the atmosphere at the Bethesda booth where gamers got a chance to play the game for the first time. As you can see, the lines are considerable and although there are plenty of computers available waiting to get your hands on one can take hours. People are still queuing up and the interest for the game is high. We’ll be providing you with our game impressions shortly.

The Scamp: Proving Deadly Things Can Come In Small Packages

There are many, many different creatures in Tamriel that can’t wait for an unlucky adventurer to come along and provide them with their next meal. And while there are many large creatures capable of crushing you underfoot, sometimes it’s the small ones that are the best at tearing you to shreds. Case and point, the Scamp

Players of past Elder Scrolls games will recognize the Scamp for the annoying little Deadra that it is, and the team at Zenimax wanted to make sure these little demons have big personalities in their upcoming title. To show off these creatures, and the work that went into creating them, the ESO team has released another installment in their “Creating ESO” series. Continue reading to see all they have to say, and let us know what you think of the Scamp’s return in the comments below! Continue reading

Electric Lizards Galore


Recently Zenimax held a poll on their Facebook page to see what creature from their upcoming game that players wanted to learn a little more about. The Wamasu of Black Marsh destroyed the competition, which is what you would expect from a electric lizard death machine.

Zenimax has since released a plethora of information about designing the Wamasu; including designing it’s concept art, creating the different particle effects associated with the creature, and even a short video showing off it’s effects.

Continue reading for all the information, and let us know what you think  about the creature in the comments below. Continue reading