Craglorn preview part 3 – Hircine’s Haunt dungeon

Beside open world events and quests that you can do with passer-byes in the new zone of Craglorn there are also group dungeons available that are instanced and that have tough bosses at the end of each dungeon. These dungeons are instanced for your group (as far as I know) and trash mobs do not represent much of a challenge for a well organised group of veteran rank 9+ players, but bosses could prove to be extra tough without proper usage of tactics. This kind of challenge is what my biggest impression I took away from from playing through the new zone. Complicated group challenges that reward you with satisfaction of beating something with your friends and getting epic item rewards while doing it.

Dungeon we visited on the Public Test Server is called Hircine’s Haunt and it is comparable in size to regular public dungeons in other zones. It has a lot of trash mob groups with 8+ mobs in each group. If you are looking for other types of content you’ll be able to find in Craglorn please check out parts 1 and 2 of our Craglorn video previews.

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