Craglorn preview part 2 – Anka-Ra Burial Site

There are several types of content you will come across in the new zone Craglorn, upcoming with ESO patch 1.1. You have these events, similar to dark anchors in other zones, that you can repeat and attempt with random passer-byes. You also have various quests that you can do on daily basis. Public and solo dungeons are replaced with dungeons that require a full group to finish and have very hard bosses at the end. There are also trials for the most hardcore groups of 12 to conquer. In our previous preview of Craglorn we showed you one of the repeatable open world events called Magical Anomaly. We managed to do that content with a group of four VR9 players.

In the video bellow you can see another repeatable event type called Anka-Ra Burial Site. Your goal is to protect the NPC, performing a ritual, from waves of different mobs. In the video you will see each of the waves and their mechanics along with what happens in the end. We did not manage to complete this event with a group of 3 adventurers. We lacked in DPS. I believe a fourth member would be enough to get us through the whole thing.

Each of these events and POIs give a lot of Veteran Rank points and I believe it will be a great way for people to level through the last veteran ranks. Afterwards, they can do the hardest group content in the game. Craglorn, as a whole, is a wonderful place to spend your end-game time in. Challenging, with lots of great mechanics and all requiring group efforts, we think this is the end game content Elder Scolls Online deserves.

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