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Bringing The Flame Atronach To Life

The Atronachs are some of the most unique and deadly enemies in the Elder Scrolls series. The powerful enemies (and occasional allies) often pop up at the sides of mages powerful enough to control the beasts, wrapped in the very elements of nature and destroying anything in their path. Players can expect to run into all kinds of Atronachs in their ESO adventures, not the least of is the deadly Flame Atronach. Wrapped in flame, these creatures are capable of burning foes from a distance just as easily as they can scorch them up close.

Today we were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the development of this deadly creature. Continue reading to see the whole story for yourself, including a video of the Flame Atronach in action. Continue reading

The Scamp: Proving Deadly Things Can Come In Small Packages

There are many, many different creatures in Tamriel that can’t wait for an unlucky adventurer to come along and provide them with their next meal. And while there are many large creatures capable of crushing you underfoot, sometimes it’s the small ones that are the best at tearing you to shreds. Case and point, the Scamp

Players of past Elder Scrolls games will recognize the Scamp for the annoying little Deadra that it is, and the team at Zenimax wanted to make sure these little demons have big personalities in their upcoming title. To show off these creatures, and the work that went into creating them, the ESO team has released another installment in their “Creating ESO” series. Continue reading to see all they have to say, and let us know what you think of the Scamp’s return in the comments below! Continue reading