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Building Your Character

The ESO team has put together a wonderful little video showcasing the character development process players will have access to in The Elder Scrolls Online. They discuss different ways to gain experience points, how skills grow, how using different equipment gives you access to different skills, and even touch on the ability to become a werewolf or a vampire.

The video is a must watch for anyone planning on playing the game when it releases, so take a look and let us know what you think in the comments below.

A Look At ESO Character Creation


Character creation is the first step in any Role Playing experience and is one of the most important decisions you will make. If you may be staring at a character for hours upon end you want as much control over their appearance as possible. This is one thing that the Elder Scrolls games have done very well, with a wide variety of races to chose from and many options for altering their appearance. There was some question if The Elder Scrolls Online would be able to recreate the same experience, but the development team assured players they wouldn’t be disappointed.  From the looks of this video they may have succeeded in meeting even the judgmental gamer’s standards.

The video shows off an incredibly wide variety of character models created using their character creator, and they all looked pretty amazing. From Argonians, to Khajiit, to Nords there are plenty of appearance details to play around with until you find the look that suits you.

What did you think of the character creation you saw in the video? Let us know in the comments below!

Best Bits From QuakeCon 2013

QuakeCon has come and gone this year, and with it came even more information about The Elder Scrolls Online. There is the usual assortment of reviews and impressions floating around, but those are easy enough to find on your own. What we want to bring you here are some of the main highlights from the event, including videos and interviews with the development team.

The folks over at CVG managed to snag an interview with Paul Sage, creative director for ESO. You can watch the interview here.

MMORPG.com has a nice long interview with Lead Game Designer Nick Konkle. They cover a wide rang of topics from mounts, to crafting, and the guild system. You can read the whole interview here.

Finally, YouTuber Todd Kenreck has posted 15 short videos that feature Paul Sage talking about all sorts of different game elements; such as PvP, endgame, and grouping. This link will take you to a playlist that will allow you to select the videos individually, or just watch them all back to back.

That’s it for this year’s QuakeCon. What did you think of all the new information presented to the public this year? Let us know in the comments below!

E3 Coverage Roundup

E3was an eventful time for The Elder Scrolls Online, with the big news being that the game will release on the PS4 and Xbox One as well as PCs. Along with this news the game saw massive coverage all over the web; with impressions, interviews, and videos popping up on many different sites.

Now normally it would take some searching to track down all these different articles and videos, and you may end up missing some things during the journey. Luckily the official Elder Scrolls Online site went ahead and did a lot of the leg work for us, compiling a list many different articles and videos talking about the game’s E3 presence.

Head over to the official site to get a look at all the different links and videos for yourself, and let us know what you thought of ESO at E3 in the comments below.