ESO Daedric Explorer Achievement – Ruin Locations in Morrowind

Daedric Explorer is a general achievement/trophy in ESO Morrowind. It’s worth ten points, and it is one of those achievements you’ll want to get back to later, after you’ve already completed almost all of it. It requires you to visit all 25 Daedric ruins on Vvardenfell. If you decide to unlock it one go, you’ll start to notice the architecture of these ruins even more and wonder if there is more to this.

Daedric Explorer Achievement Vvardenfell ESO Morrowind
ESO Daedric Explorer achievement

Daedric Ruins Locations

There are 25 Daedric ruins you need to visit. You just need to get close to them for the game to register your discovery. They are scattered around Vvardenfell. Their locations and numbers in the list are in order. If you’ve missed some, and you need specific ones, take a look at the picture or the descriptions below.

  1. Kushtashpi – NE, east from Zergonipal wayshrine.
  2. Esutanamus – NE, southeast from Tel Mora.
  3. Yansirramus – E, northwest from Halls of Fabrication.
  4. Anudnabia – E, east from Sadrith Mora and its wayshrine.
  5. Kaushtarari – E, east from Halls of Fabrication.
  6. Tusenend – E, south from Halls of Fabrication.
  7. Shashpilamat – SE, southeast from Matus-Akin Egg Mine dungeon.
  8. Almurbalarammi – SE, southeast from Molag Mar and its wayshrine.
  9. Zaintiraris – S, south from Molag Mar and its wayshrine
  10. Bal Fell – S, east from Vivec City, on a small island with weird, S-shaped road.
  11. Ald Sotha – S, northeast from Vivec City, this is an Area of Interest.
  12. Bal Ur – S, north from Suran and its wayshrine.
  13. Ashurnibibi – SW, west from Balmora and its wayshrine.
  14. Ashalmimikala – W, west from Balmora and its wayshrine, this is an Area of Interest.
  15. Addadshashanammu – W, just north from the previous one, between the two areas of interest.
  16. Dushariran – NW, east from Gnisis and Salothan’s Council group boss.
  17. Yasammidan – NW, in the corner of the map. This is an Area of Interest.
  18. Zergonipal – N, east from the Forgotten Wastes dungeon. It’s a crafting station.
  19. Ashalmawia – NW, northeast from Gnisis, west from Urshilaku Camp and its wayshrine. This one is a dungeon.
  20. Ashurnabitashpi – N, north from the Ald Carac tower.
  21. Assarnatamat – SW, northeast from Balmora, next to the lava pools.
  22. Maelkashishi – NW, southeast from Ashalmawia dungeon.
  23. Ebernanit – N, northwest from the Forgotten Wastes dungeon, southeast from Valenvaryon area of interest.
  24. Ashunartes – S, between the Marandus crafting station and the Foyada Quarry tower.
  25. Ramimilk – W, southeast from Ald’ruhn camp and its wayshrine.
All Daedric Ruins Locations Vvardenfell ESO Morrowind
Daedric Ruin Locations in ESO Morrowind

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