ESO Divine Inquiries Quest – Barilzar’s Tower Puzzle in Morrowind

Divine Inquiries is one of the main quests in ESO Morrowind. There’s a puzzle you’ll need to solve in Barilzar’s Tower. To successfully do it, you’ll need to activate five crystals in the correct order. If you deplete all conversation options with the mage Barilzar, you’ll end with two major clues for solving the puzzle. In this guide, we’re going to help you solve ESO Divine Inquiries quest, and show you how to solve Barilzar’s tower puzzle.

Barilzar's Tower Puzzle ESO Morrowind
Barilzar’s Tower Puzzle in ESO Morrowind

Divine Inquiries is the second main quest in Morrowind. After you complete the first one (Divine Conundrum), Lord Vivec will set you on a new task. You’ll need to speak with Archcanon Tarvus. He will set you on a journey to visit three locations, one of which is Barilzar’s Tower.

How to Solve Barilzar’s Tower Puzzle

Mage Barilzar’s tower and laboratory are located in the southeastern part of Vvardenfell, east from Molag Mar, west from the Shrine of Azura area of interest. There is an extremely beautiful loading screen upon entering the tower.

Investigate Barilzar's Tower ESO Morrowind

Once inside the laboratory, talk with mage Barilzar if you are up for solving this puzzle on your own. The two major clues he’ll give you are: “It’s all about colors, like a rainbow” and “Start with the simplest shape and end with the most complex”.

Although the rainbow traditionally has seven colors, and we have five, the order is the same. If you remember the order of the colors of the rainbow, or look it up on the web, go from the outside towards the inner arc.

Each crystal has two pieces of information as well. Beside the name of the color, there is a shape assigned to each. If you are knowledgeable about geometrical figures, you can line them up from least to most edges.

With all the collected data, the solution for the Barilzar’s Tower puzzle is pressing the crystals in the following order:

  1. Red Sphere
  2. Yellow Tetrahedron
  3. Green Square
  4. Blue Diamond
  5. Violet Octagon
ESO Morrowind Barilzar's Tower Puzzle Solution

Barilzar’s Tower Puzzle Solution

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