ESO Echoes of a Fallen House Quest – Bell Order in Morrowind

Echoes of a Fallen House is a dungeon quest in Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind. This quest takes you on a journey to collect four clues, open the doors by ringing the bells in the correct order, and more. It is a rather short but interesting challenge, with a great reward in experience points and other stuff.

The Forgotten Wastes Public Dungeon Quest

Echoes of a Fallen House is found in the The Forgotten Wastes public dungeon. You’ll find the entrance to this place in northern Vvardenfell, just west from the Valley of the Wind wayshrine. You can’t miss the quest, as it is given by Tythis Nirith, who stands inside the dungeon, several steps away from the entrance. He will ask you to find his sister.

Nevena’s Whereabouts Clues Locations

This is the first quest objective. The four clues are scattered around the Drinith Ancestral Tomb and the Caverns of Kogoruhn area of the dungeon. Both of these are connected, and you can reach them from the start.

To find the entrance to Drinith Ancestral Tomb, go right down the path from the entrance. There should be a door that leads to the tomb on your left. Go through it and enter the first room to your right. The first clue, Diviner’s Journal, is on a table there, next to some pink candles. The second clue is just before the entrance to the largest room. There is a tiny post, next to a large urn, with the Wakener’s Sermon clue.

In order to enter the Caverns of Kogoruhn, you can continue forward through the previous area. If you are at the start of the dungeon, just follow the path south. The third clue is in the upper northern area, on a wooden box next to a tent, close to a campfire with many enemies. The fourth clue – Guardian’s Decree – is located on a wheelbarrow in the southwestern part of the Caverns of Kogoruhn. It’s next to a door that leads to the Forgotten Depths, where our next objective is.

Bell Ringing Order – Wakener’s Hall Entrance

This part of the dungeon is called Forgotten Depths. To progress through the mission and enter the Wakener’s Hall we’ll need to ring the bells in a specific order.

The solution to this task is hidden behind the bells. If you take a look at the stone arc behind them, you’ll spot six signs written on it. These signs are the same as the ones found in front of each bell. If you follow the signs on the arc from left to right and interact with the appropriate bells, you’ll make them glow and eventually open the door.

Bell Ringing Combination Wakener's Hall Entrance ESO Morrowind

The correct order for ringing the bells, from left to right (big to small), is: 1-2-4-3-6-5.

Defeat Wakener Maras and take Nevena’s diary to Tythis

Wakener Mara spawns in front of the large fire. Once you defeat him, Nevena’s diary will become lootable. It is at the exact same place where Maras spawns. As you complete the quest by giving the diary to Tythis at the start of the dungeon, your Mementos will be updated with the Dreamer’s Chime collectible.

“Even choked with ash, this bell recovered from the Forgotten Wastes emits a haunting tone and glows when struck.”

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    1. Guar

      Kinda? It’s a public dungeon. Try to kill her first and keep interrupting his casts. I had no issues and even did the group event all by myself. Definitely one of the easier public dungeons

  1. GniQQ

    Interestingly, éven though using the correct combination for the bells, the door stays locked and greyed out. All runes are glowing.

  2. Palindrom

    I had the same problem with door not opening though runes were red. The reason was that I had not yet collected all clues. I went back collecting the missing one. Then rang the bells again and the door opened.

  3. R. Wright

    I am stuck in the Forgotten Wastes and have not been playing that long so I don’t have the ability to get the quest or to get out safely. I have died everytime and am quickly using up my filled soul stones. I have tried everything I can think of to escape but just keep dying and losing weapon durability. How do I get out? I tried paying to “escape” but all that did was put me back in the same location in a rapidly descending zig-zag path inside the puzzle. I then thought if I abandoned the quest, I would return to a location on the surface. I ended up relocating to the same location where I am currently stuck. Now, since the quest is no longer written in my journal, I can not contact the support team directly because they require the quest to be highlighted in the journal and then select “get help”

    Extremely frustrated and about ready to quit playing after more than a month of “learning”. As an ESO member, I am asking for someone to please assist me.

    What can I do to get out of the dungeons or back to Vivic City????


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