ESO Treasure Maps Locations Guide

eso treasure maps locations
Treasure maps are items in Elder Scrolls Online that reveal locations with rewards for your exploratory efforts. Each treasure map is in form of a sketch and its main purpose is to give you a hint where to look for buried treasure. Location is always well hidden. The place where you should dig up the treasure chest is covered with dirt mound, and it’s visible only to players with the corresponding map in their inventory.

There are several ways to acquire maps, but, keep in mind that drop probability is very low:

  • random loot from mobs
  • random loot from locked / unlocked chests
  • or, you can buy them in a guild store

Each land contains several buried treasure chests, and the number depends on the zone level. Usually you can expect to acquire two or six treasure maps per land. There are also additional CE Treasure Maps which are available as bonus to those who pre-purchased the Collectors Edition of the game (usually one per zone).
We encourage you to participate in treasure map adventures, and if you need any help feel free to sneak peek in our guides. This is still work in progress and if you have any location screenshots for new maps, please share it with us and ESO community.

Treasure Maps locations







12 thoughts on “ESO Treasure Maps Locations Guide

  1. Blargen

    Found another one for you. CE Treasure Map Deshaan, located on the island north of Hlanii’s Hovel (eyeball/sightsee symbol).

  2. Charles James

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  3. Bessie Hadley

    I found a Black Marsh Transportation Map in Vardenfell’s NE quarter of island – don’t remember quite/how got it. Item no openable (no “Use” or “Open” option) at this point. Labeled as “Treasure: Artwork, Maps – is this a treasure map – it says it ‘shows the underground paths made by the Hist trees.’ Will see if can stor for later. Currently warden around lvl 12-13, & have nightblade alt at lvl 3.


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