ESO Forgotten Wastes & Nchuleftingth Group Event Achievements

The Forgotten Wastes & Nchuleftingth group events take place inside ESO Morrowind public dungeons. There are bosses inside – once you find them and complete the group event, you’ll earn fifty achievement points, some decent loot and even a skill point per boss. I’ve managed to complete them with a fairly small group of low level chacters – someone who is decently geared and with a high champion level could even solo them. In this guide, we’re going to help you unlock ESO Morrowind Forgotten Wastes & Nchuleftingth group event achievements.

Forgotten Wastes Group Event Location

The Forgotten Wastes public dungeon is in northern Vvardenfell, west from the Valley of Winds wayshrine. This is a great public dungeon for experience farming due to the large group of relatively weak enemies.

The group event location in the Forgotten Wastes is in the first dungeon room. As you enter, open the map and you’ll spot a long road leading west to some kind of structure. This is where the group event takes place. Head to the western side of the first dungeon room. Once you’re confident there is enough people around, step closer to the center of the first floor plateau, and the event will start. Keep in mind this will only happen if there are three bosses on the balconies. If you don’t see them, it means someone has completed the event recently and you need to wait for them to re-spawn.

As the event starts, you’ll need to defeat Stone-Boiler Omalas, Brander Releth and Mountain-Caller Hlaren to get the achievement. After a couple of waves, they’ll jump down from their balconies.

Nchuleftingth Group Event Location

Nchuleftingth public dungeon is located in southeastern Vvardenfell, southwest from the Halls of Fabrication raid. There is a dungeon wayshrine just north from it. Just follow the road from the wayshrine – you won’t miss it.

The group event location in Nchuleftingth is a bit deeper into the dungeon, unlike the one in Forgotten Wastes. Once inside the first room, you can choose between two directions. The one in the southwestern room leads downhill, while the hallway in the east leads to the upper area of the second room. No matter which direction you choose, you’ll end up in the Nchuleftingth Approach area, the one with the stream of water. You’ll need to reach the eastern side and go through the doors the map arrow is pointing to.

The door you go through will take you to the Nchuleftingth Ruins. Follow the southern side of this area, until you reach another door. This door is not shown on the map. It is on higher ground, just south from the lava. It leads to the Nchuleftingth Core.

Once inside the core, proceed to its central part. This is where Nchulaeon the Eternal resides. Unlike the ones in the Forgotten Wastes, this boss has a large health pool. Wait for more people to show up, advertise yourself in the zone chat, or engage the enemy alone if you are prepared for it. This boss can be beaten with a team of two. It is a really fun encounter. Nchulaeon will go to nearby rooms and spawn adds. In the end, he’ll come back to the middle, where the final fight takes place.

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