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Held By Red-handed Bandits Skyshard

Northwestern Malabal Tor, far north of Dra’Bul Wayshrine, north of Dra’Bul POI.

This shard is inside Crimson Cove public dungeon. You can enter this cave from nearby shore and there is NPC quest giver Peras near its entrance. Peras gives the quest “Export Business“. This quest is part of Crimson Cove objective. Inside the cave, just before the first group of mobs you can grab another quest. Quest giver Glanir gives mission “Naval Intelligence“. This quest rewards a trophy – Glanir’s Smoke Bomb, which summons a cloud of dust around you for a short while.

Dungeon is filled with groups of four or more mobs. Class with decent AOE spells can take them out rather fast, earning decent amounts of experience and loot drops in a short period of time. Groups have level 31+ mobs and there are also multiple boss mobs present of level 31-33.

Collectible is inside the eastern cave room. This room also hides other Crimson treasures (like paintings, barrels, etc.)

Find and enter Crimson Cove public dungeon.

Crimson Cove entrance map location.

Collectible is inside the easternmost cave room.

Quest “Naval Intelligence” trophy – “Glanir’s Smoke Bomb” effect.

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