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Howling At The Moon Skyshard

Achievement: Lower Craglorn Skyshards.
Inside the Hircine’s Haunt dungeon, central Craglorn. Northwest of Spellscar Wayshrine, southwest of Spellscar, north-northwest of Belkarth.

Start at Belkarth Wayshrine and head north, following the left river bank. After some time you will reach a wooden door, slightly above the river, that will lead you inside the dungeon. You can see the skyshard on the top of the cliff across the entrance as soon as you enter, but you will have to fight your way around the dungeon to reach that location. You can also check our Hircine’s Haunt video, which can help you to successfully finish this dungeon.

View of the dungeon’s entrance from afar.

The entrance location on the world map.

Fighters Guild skills with Skilled Tracker passive can make your run much easier.

Skyshard location on the dungeon map.

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