Patch Notes v1.0.6

During today’s maintenance a new patch will be deployed. It seems to contain a lot of fixes (even more than previous patches) to various quests and progress blocking issues. I can also see some client bugs that caused freezes and crashes fixed. I wonder what “everyone must pay the COD fee to accept COD items” means exactly? Does that mean that the receiver of in-game mail with COD attached is the one paying from now on and is the “tax” shown in the UI before accepting the charge? I guess we’ll all see soon enough.


Alliance War

  • Fixed an issue where new characters of different alliances could get automatically assigned to the same campaign.

Combat & Gameplay

  • Fixed an issue that caused some Nightblade abilities to become unresponsive when you were engaged in combat with a large number of enemies.

Dungeons & Group Content

  • Veteran Darkshade Caverns: You will no longer receive boss loot from the Hive Lord Scrib adds, and cannot pull the boss without his adds.

Exploration & Itemization

  • If you decide to skip the tutorial, the items granted to you can no longer be deconstructed.
  • Adjusted the time after you loot a delve or overworld boss before you are eligible to receive loot from these types of bosses again.


  • You must now reach level 10 before creating a new guild.
  • Fixed an issue with the Mac client that would occasionally cause crashes or performance issues.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause your screen to occasionally freeze and cause unwarranted CPU usage.
  • Fixed an issue that would give the appearance that objects were invisible or missing.
  • Fixed an issue so everyone must pay the COD fee to accept COD items.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could crash while viewing the in-game map.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could crash when you encounter select animated NPCs.

Main Quest

  • Lowered the level requirements to attain the following quests:
    • Shadow of Sancre Tor
    • Last Council of the Five
    • Messages across Tamriel
    • The Weight of Three Crowns
    • God of Schemes
      • Note: This only pertains to the level at which the quest can be attained; the levels of the monsters have not changed.
  • The Weight of Three Crowns: The three alliance leaders will now reliably show up to the meeting.
  • Messages Across Tamriel: Vanus will now always be present and appear where intended.
  • Castle of the Worm: Cadwell will now assist you in combat.


  • Honoring the Dishonored: Zariya’s spirit will now always appear in the correct location.


  • Harsh Lesson: Fixed an issue where Zaban’s body would sometimes not be interactable after the theatre scene.
  • To Dawnbreak: Completing the quest “Through the Ashes” before “To Dawnbreak” no longer results in getting blocked.
  • Breaking the Barrier: The shards will now always appear properly when on the quest step “Use the Runed Talisman on the Wards.”


  • The Waking Darkness: Fixed an issue that would prevent Preinrha from spawning if she previously got stuck.
  • A City in Black: Fixed an issue that would prevent Strastnoc from respawning after being killed.


  • Search and Rescue: You will now always be able to interact with the egg under all circumstances.
  • The Dungeon Delvers: Increased the number of Dwarven Spiders in the area to accommodate more players.


  • Season of Harvest: You will now always be able to throw dirt onto the fire.
  • Reclaiming the Elements: Fixed an issue where the portal stone could not be used when looking at certain areas in front of the Wyrd Tree.
  • Vines and Villians: Fixed an issue where the quest would not advance after freeing Marie Orinth.


  • Heart of the Matter: Killing Ulkaezai and absorbing her spirit will now always correctly advance the quest.
  • Eyes of Azura: You will now always be able to interact with the journal pages.
  • A Lasting Winter: It is now possible to advance the quest if you fight General Endare and die.
  • The Unquiet Dead: Fixed an issue that allowed other players to kill the target before the Bone Scepter animation completed.
  • Blood Hunt: Fixed an issue where the vampire event would not always spawn after interacting with the fountain.
  • Forgotten Soul: The Central Welkynd Stone is now interactable on the quest step “Attune Surrounding Welkynd Stones.”


  • The Prismatic Core: Killing the boss while Merric is stunned will no longer break the quest.
  • Proving the Deed: Aelif will now always respawn properly if she gets stuck, or if you die while following her to Ragnthar.
  • Proving the Deed: Updated the pins on your compass that lead you to the boat to take you from Wayrest to Alik’r.
  • Circus of Cheerful Slaughter: Fixed an issue where one of the Aldmeri actors would get stuck and despawn, blocking the quest from advancing.

Khenarthi’s Roost

  • Storm on the Horizon: Razum-dar will now always appear at the proper location.

Reaper’s March

  • Hadran’s Fall: Tand will no longer get stuck when being freed.
  • Hadran’s Fall: Fixed an issue where the quest could break if you kill Hadren, leave the room, and quickly return.
  • Stonefire Machinations: Fixed an issue if any of the Dar-M’Athra got stuck and the quest would break.
  • Hircine’s Gift: Leaving through the portal on the step “Wait for Songamdir to begin the ritual” will now no longer lock you in place.
  • Questionable Contract: Pircalmo will now always spawn inside Treethane Ranneth’s house when on the appropriate step.


  • The Lightless Remnant: Verandis has been found and will always appear in the proper location at the end of the quest.
  • Foul Deeds in the Deep: Thrug, Larzgug and Osgrikh will now always appear at their proper locations, under all circumstances.
  • Children of Yokuda: The sigil will now always respawn when you leave the area and return with a follower.


  • Pull the Last Fang: Captain Nahrevii has been found and will now show up at the appropriate location.


  • Climbing the Spire: Fixed an issue where the summoning bowl would sometimes not spawn correctly.

Stros M’Kai

  • Tip of the Spearhead: Fixed an issue where you could get into a state where you were unable to stun the guard.

The Rift

  • Yngrel the Bloody: Yngrel the Bloody will now reliably spawn under all circumstances.
  • A Walk Above the Clouds: It’s no longer be possible for “Intense Cold” to remain on you outside of the quest area.

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