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ESO Tamriel Unlimited Patch Notes v2.0.1

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is live. The maintenance is complete and ESO North American and EU megaservers are back online. The latest patch comes with a handful of fixes and improvements along with new Crown Store that offers exotic pets, costumes, mounts and consumables. If you previously purchased ESO, your characters are ready to continue the adventure right now. And if you’re currently subscribed, you’ve automatically become a member of ESO Plus, new premium membership. This patch is approximately 1-2GB in size.
eso tamriel unlimited

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Update 5: feedback needed by ZeniMax

Elder Scrolls Online’s Update 5 is quite a big one. So big, actually, that in their official statement ZeniMax provided a list of suggestions as to what the beta players should be testing.

More specifically, the dev team is seeking feedback on the veteran City of Ash dungeon as well as on crafting writs and the new crafting tutorials. That’s just a partial list, tho. The full list is provided on the ESO forums.


The Elder Scrolls Online patch v1.5, brings us many new features. One of the highlights of this patch are: adding of Veteran City of Ash, City of Ash dungeon continuation, as well as graphical improvements in form of facial animations for NPCs. Dungeon and solo-instance scaling will allow you to revisit some of your favorite dungeons. Crafters will be happy to hear that they’ll be able to undertake certification, as well as crafting writs and survey reports once you’re certified. Interface improvements in the form of new chat bubbles are also included and can be activated in the Settings menu. New Undauted Enclaves and Pledges that can be performed every 20 hours are also a part of this fifth major content update!

In addition to all the new features, there are many bug fixes and small changes, so make sure to check them out in the full list below!

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ESO Patch Notes v1.4.4

ESO V1.4.4 Patch Notes
Elder Scrolls Online patch notes v1.4.4 brings many fixes and improvements to existing content mainly to gameplay, itemization, UI, and the Alliance War.

Alliance War


  • Fixed an issue that would cause the game to crash while in combat in Cyrodiil.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Cyrodiil from properly saving the status of keeps in some instances in the event of a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where keep postern doors were not usable.

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ESO Patch v1.4.3 is live

The Elder Scrolls Online v.1.4.3 has been released and is quite a big one! Besides bug fixes, the patch includes: the introduction of a new area – Upper Craglorn; Serpent Trial: Cantrum Ophidia; Dragonstar Arena; changes and improvements in grouping; Ability Alterning Enchantments. The addition of a new VR Rank – 14, as well as the addition of “Chance on hit to increase Spell Resistance” are also added.

Some of the patch highlights include:

  • Upper Craglorn – New Area
  • Serpent Trial: Sanctum Ophidia
  • Dragonstar Arena
  • Nirnhoned Crafting Trait
  • Chance on hit to increase Spell Resistance
  • Larger Delves
  • The delves found in Bangkorai, Reaper’s March and The Rift are now larger, and contain more monsters and loot.
  • Grouping Improvements
  • New VR Rank – 14
  • Ability Altering Enchantments
  • Found on weapons in the Dragonstar Arena, the Serpent Trial in difficult mode, and from the Alliance War Leaderboards

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ESO Patch Notes v1.3.3

Elder Scrolls Online patch v1.3.3 brings the third major content update, with new armor dye stations, guild improvements, updates to campaigns in Cyrodiil, and many fixes to quests, combat, art, and audio.

Armor Dyes

  • Armor dyes have now been added to the game! You can visit a dye station and interact with it to dye any piece of armor that you own.
    • Dye stations can be found in at least one town in every normal overworld zone. There are new map markers add for these dye station locations
  • Every piece of gear has up to three separate areas that can be dyed individually, and you have tools available to do so.
    • Color Sets: You can use the special dye tools to create and apply custom color sets.
    • Eye Dropper Tool: You can use the eye dropper tool to pick colors from previously dyed gear, and apply that color elsewhere.
    • Paint Bucket Tool: This tool applies the dye you’ve selected to the corresponding color area of every piece of gear you have equipped.
  • At a dye station, you can see every color available. Dyes you haven’t obtained yet are displayed with a lock icon. Hover over any locked color to see which achievement is associated with it. You can right-click on it to jump to the achievement panel and read the achievement’s completion criteria. When a dye is unlocked, it will be available for all characters on your account.

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ESO Patch Notes v1.1.2

The first major content update: the Adventure Zone Craglorn is live on ESO servers and brings a handful of changes as well as many other fixes and refinements. You’ll need allies to take on the new challenges—Craglorn’s quests and exploration are designed for groups of four Veteran Rank 10+ characters. (You can enter Craglorn and play the content earlier than Veteran Rank 10.)

The first Trials have been added in Craglorn, 12-player adventures meant to test even the strongest heroes. In Trials, your team will have a limited number of resurrections to use as you attempt to reach the final boss. If you finish the Trial quickly, you might earn a place on the leaderboards and receive extra rewards!

Another new feature is the Death Recap. This screen will help you understand what contributed to your death and hints that can help improve your performance next time.
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Patch Notes v1.0.7

Patch 1.0.7 got deployed to both North American and EU Elder Scrolls Online servers and it brought several changes and fixes to the game. Vampire Bat Swarm got nerfed and additional fixes to Cyrodiil PvP have been introduced. Loads of quests have been fixed as well and after a month you finally can progress in the last quest in Coldharbour without having to jump to your death naked several times. Traders will be happy to know that COD charges and Guild Store posting charges have been significantly reduced. Here’s a screenshot reddit user Ausghostdog posted:

Before 1.0.7 patch
ESO COD pre 1.0.7

After the patch
COD in 1.0.7


Here are the official patch notes:


The Elder Scrolls Online v1.0.7 features more fixes to quest issues and blockers, in addition to some fixes to backend systems to improve overall game performance.


Alliance War

  • The Elder Scroll beacon effect will no longer vanish when the carrier uses the vampire ability Mist Form.
  • You can no longer use the ability Bolt Escape while carrying an Elder Scroll.

Combat & Gameplay

  • Fixed an issue with the ability Bat Swarm so it will no longer stack with itself. It will instead refresh if re-cast.
  • Reduced the cost reduction per stage of vampire abilities.
  • Reduced the movement speed bonus of the ability Mist Form.

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Patch Notes v1.0.6

During today’s maintenance a new patch will be deployed. It seems to contain a lot of fixes (even more than previous patches) to various quests and progress blocking issues. I can also see some client bugs that caused freezes and crashes fixed. I wonder what “everyone must pay the COD fee to accept COD items” means exactly? Does that mean that the receiver of in-game mail with COD attached is the one paying from now on and is the “tax” shown in the UI before accepting the charge? I guess we’ll all see soon enough.


Alliance War

  • Fixed an issue where new characters of different alliances could get automatically assigned to the same campaign.

Combat & Gameplay

  • Fixed an issue that caused some Nightblade abilities to become unresponsive when you were engaged in combat with a large number of enemies.

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Patch Notes v1.0.5

This is the second patch deployed this week and it focuses on fixing a lot of progress blocking quest bugs. It should also help with long loading times when changing instances that some of us have been experiencing. If you play as part of the Ebonheart Pact and are in Eastmarch you will be glad to know that Ashmalah has been found and will now spawn! Here go the patch notes:


Alliance War

  • Fixed an issue where you could occasionally have characters of different factions in the same campaign.

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