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Patch Notes v1.0.7

Patch 1.0.7 got deployed to both North American and EU Elder Scrolls Online servers and it brought several changes and fixes to the game. Vampire Bat Swarm got nerfed and additional fixes to Cyrodiil PvP have been introduced. Loads of quests have been fixed as well and after a month you finally can progress in the last quest in Coldharbour without having to jump to your death naked several times. Traders will be happy to know that COD charges and Guild Store posting charges have been significantly reduced. Here’s a screenshot reddit user Ausghostdog posted:

Before 1.0.7 patch
ESO COD pre 1.0.7

After the patch
COD in 1.0.7


Here are the official patch notes:


The Elder Scrolls Online v1.0.7 features more fixes to quest issues and blockers, in addition to some fixes to backend systems to improve overall game performance.


Alliance War

  • The Elder Scroll beacon effect will no longer vanish when the carrier uses the vampire ability Mist Form.
  • You can no longer use the ability Bolt Escape while carrying an Elder Scroll.

Combat & Gameplay

  • Fixed an issue with the ability Bat Swarm so it will no longer stack with itself. It will instead refresh if re-cast.
  • Reduced the cost reduction per stage of vampire abilities.
  • Reduced the movement speed bonus of the ability Mist Form.

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