Breaking The Shackle



Quest Text:
I restored Vanus Galerion and disrupted activities at the Black Forge. Now we need to assault the Great Shackle and end the threat of the Planemeld once and for all.

Starting NPC:
First objective:
I should talk to <<1>> when I’m ready to head for the Great Shackle.

  • Talk to <<1>>

Screenshot Walkthrough

Explore the Great Shackle and use Magicka Conduit.

Rescue Treva. They both help you later on.

Enter the Mooring and defend Vanus Galerion.

At the end of this quest you unlock access to Mages Guildhall of The Hollow City.

3 thoughts on “Breaking The Shackle

  1. Wee Malk

    I been stuck defending vanus and trying to kill the last 2 big guys for about an hour, so I end up here for research.
    Haha it says here its level 48, I didn’t realise that, I am only level 13 lol, no wonder I’m struggling.
    I just follow what quest givers say, didnt expect they would send me on high level stuff lol.
    Thanks for the info.

  2. Tanus

    same prob for me lvl 30, I suck too so that’s part of the problem. looking for a solution. I thought that quests were scaled to player but perhaps not

  3. Monkeysum7

    I’m fucking lvl 48 and CANNOT beat the big fuckers at the end. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m a dos and my attacks are doing shit. YouTube just shows people running thru this like it’s easy. I can’t craft any weapons that are good nor armor.


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