Vanus Unleashed



Quest Text:
I came across a magical recording of Vanus Galerion. The message says that the mage decided to enter the Black Forge on his own. He plans to reach the Great Shackle and destroy it, thus completing our mission in Coldharbour.

Starting NPC:
First objective:
I should enter the Black Forge and try to find Vanus Galerion. The message suggested I go in through the side door.

  • Find Vanus Galerion

Screenshot Walkthrough

Find Vanus Galerion inside The Black Forge.

Assist Galerion’s Health by killing enemies and collecting Galerion’s Health.

Assist Galerion’s Stamina by collecting Galerion’s Stamina from nearby NPCs. You use intimidate/persuade ability to achieve this.

or essence extractor to extract stamina.

Assist Galerion’s Magicka by unlocking the Seals of Binding.

Use Health/Stamina/Magicka Conduit to release Vanus Galerion.

At the end of this quest, where you discover The Great Shackle, you can accept the next quest: Breaking the Shackle .

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