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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▲ Type ▼
Honrich Tower41The Rift
To Taarengrav40The Rift
Drinking Game40The Rift
The Shards of Wuuthrad42The Rift
Aiding Sigunn38The Rift
Yngrel the Bloody38The Rift
Kalodar's Farewell38The Rift
Soul Harvest39The Rift
Pulled Under41The Rift
Shattered Hopes41The Rift
Soldier Down41The Rift
Concealed Weapons39The Rift
Approaching Thunder42The Rift
A Giant in Smokefrost Peaks41The Rift
A Business Proposition39The Rift
The Rise of Sage Svari38The Rift
The Thunder Breaks42The Rift
Scouting the Mine38The Rift
Breaking the Coven38The Rift
Lost Companions43The Rift
To Pinepeak Caverns40The Rift
To Honrich Tower41The Rift
Securing the Pass42The Rift
Stomping Sinmur42The Rift
Names of the Fallen42The Rift
A Walk Above the Clouds42The Rift
To Nimalten39The Rift
Geirmund's Guardian40The Rift
Trial of the Body40The Rift
Trial of the Mind40The Rift
Trial of the Spirit40The Rift
Save Your Voice40The Rift
Geirmund's Oath40The Rift
Those She Devours42The Rift
Prisoner Dilemma39The Lion's Den
A Valuable Distraction39The Lion's Den
Hircine's Gift38The Hunting Grounds
The Tharn Speaks25The HarborageMain Story
The Harborage3The HarborageMain Story
Council of the Five Companions45The HarborageMain Story
Chasing Shadows15The HarborageMain Story
Halls of Torment30The Halls of TormentMain Story
Daughter of Giants10The Foundry of WoeMain Story
The Plan50The Banished CellsGroup Dungeon
Banishing the Banished12The Banished CellsGroup Dungeon
Eye of the Storm34Tempest IslandGroup Dungeon
Like Moths to a Candle4Stros M'Kai
Goblin Marq4Stros M'Kai
Last Night4Stros M'Kai
Sphere Assembly4Stros M'Kai