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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▼ Type ▼
Repentant Son7Auridon
Seeking the Guardians7Glenumbra
The First Patient7Auridon
To Aid Davon's Watch7Stonefalls
To Ash Mountain7Stonefalls
To the Wyrd Tree7Glenumbra
Wake the Dead7Stonefalls
A Mysterious Curio8Glenumbra
All the Fuss8Auridon
Anchors from the Harbour8Mage/Fighter Guild
Assisting Davon's Watch8Stonefalls
Close the Scamp Caves8Stonefalls
Corruption Stones8Auridon
Depths of Madness8Auridon
Disorganized Crime8Glenumbra
Farlivere's Gambit8Glenumbra
In the Name of the Queen8Auridon
In With the Tide8Stonefalls
Lady Eloise's Lockbox8Glenumbra
Long Lost Lore8Mage/Fighter Guild
Purifying the Wyrd Tree8Glenumbra
Reclaiming the Elements8Glenumbra
Restoring the Guardians8Stonefalls
Rites of the Queen8Auridon
Signals of Dominion8Glenumbra
Suspicious Silence8Stonefalls
The Dagger's Edge8Glenumbra
The Death of Balreth8Stonefalls
The Dresan Index8Glenumbra
The Hidden Treasure8Glenumbra
The Venom of Ahknara8Stonefalls
To the Front8Nibenay
Wayward Scouts8Glenumbra
Werewolves to the North8Glenumbra
What Little Aid8
A Duke in Exile9Glenumbra
Lineage of Tooth and Claw9Glenumbra
Putting the Pieces Together9Auridon
Red Rook Resources9Glenumbra
Safe Travel9
The Brothers Will Rise9Stonefalls
The Fate of a Friend9Stonefalls
The Toothmaul Ploy9Toothmaul Gully
The Unveiling9Auridon
To Mathiisen9Auridon
To Skywatch9Auridon
Trouble at the Mill9
Vital Inheritance9Glenumbra
Well-Armed Savages9Toothmaul Gully
Window on the Past9Stonefalls