The Army Of Meridia



Quest Text:
I need to rebuild my army if we’re going to have any chance of confronting Molag Bal and stopping the Planemeld. The mysterious Groundskeeper suggests I rescue as many people as I can and send them to the Hollow City.

First objective:
King Laloriaran Dynar is imprisoned to the west, beyond the Moonless Walk. Vanus Galerion is trapped somewhere to the east. I should also watch for any of the other missing Fighters Guild and Mages Guild members, or anyone else who can help me.

  • Rescue <<1>>
  • Rescue Vanus Galerion
  • Restore the Hollow City

Screenshot Walkthrough

In order to complete task “Rescue Vanus from the Black Forge” talk with Projection of Vanus Galerion and complete tasks that start with a quest Vanus Unleashed .

In order to complete task “Rescue King Laloriaran Dynar” interact with an Abandoned Pack and complete tasks that start with a quest
Into The Woods

After you complete this two major tasks, talk to the Groundskeeper.

Enter the Chapel of Light behind her and talk to King Laloriaran Dynar.

5 thoughts on “The Army Of Meridia

  1. lichmeister

    after rescuing both parties and returning to the groundskeeper, she seems to imply that there are more allies to be found before i strike further? is this the case or did i miss the fact that i could have skipped 1 or more rescues earlier?

    1. Eivar

      There may be quests throughout the first part of Coldharbour that you may have missed, so this she offers a last chance to double-check your map and other resources to be sure you have every ally you’ll need. Make sure your points of interest, dungeons and boss mobs are all done, since many of the quests are picked up to and from these locations.

      Once you’re satisfied you’ve combed the area and completed everything, you can enter the Chapel and proceed to The Chasm.

  2. Netjera

    If I ask her, “Where are the King and Vanus” and she gives me the quest to enter the chapel, is it too late to get “credit” toward the army for the other quests? I went out and am still completing them, but I’m worried that they won’t count toward numbers necessary for succeeding in the assault?

  3. M1k3N_SA

    I have spoken to The Groundskeeper, and got the quest but when I go inside there is no one there and no markers for the quest? I’m level 50… What else do I need to do to complete this quest so I can move on to the final chapter of the Main story?

    1. Ruana9876

      see ticket [Incident: 160710-002086] AND 160717-000832 achievement complete. quest not moved to next level. I am level 50 and do not want to leave this character to complete game


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