Skill Calculator Updated

Our skill calculator has over 4000 submitted builds so far. It is one of the most visited sections of our website. I am guessing that a lot of people find it useful. Still, we were not happy with some of the things in the calculator so we spent some time in the past couple of weeks tweaking and updating stuff in the background. What better time to announce all these changes than patch day and updated skill data?

The biggest change to the calculator that might not be visible right away, but is crucial, is that all calculations of skill values are now based off of the following base values:

Magicka – 500
Stamina – 500
Weapon Damage – 30
Spell Damage – 30

In Elder Scrolls Online some skills do damage or buff players for a certain value and this value is calculated based on the amount of Magicka, Stamina, Weapon Damage or Spell Damage your character currently has. Calculations usually go something like this: (Magicka * x) + (Spell Damage * y) = Skill damage value. Base values used to be different in the previous version of our skill calculator, but now it is the values above. To reflect this change we also added information about what character stat affects skill values when such calculations are applied.


In addition to this we have fixed passive skills to show a different tooltip based on the selected rank of the passive skill. Previously all passive skills were capped at rank 2 and showed the rank 2 tooltip, but now we have made changes for the calculator to be more like the one in the game.


We also updated tooltips for all skills so they show more numbers. Before we had a lot of question marks instead of numbers, but now most of these have been replaced with correct values. There is still a problem with some of the values (especially HOT effects – we are not sure which character stats are used for their calculations), but this is as good as it gets at the moment.

Of course, you probably noticed new features we implemented since the game launched, like the ability to choose and save with your build attribute allocation or the ability to choose a weapon for 1st and 2nd bars. We did not announce these, because we thought them to be obvious, but they are there and available for you to tinker with.

We hope to ultimately achieve a dynamic calculator where you will be able to change the base Magicka, Stamina and Damage values and get dynamically calculated tooltips so you have an ultimate theorycrafting tool at your disposal, but this will have to wait for us to have some more free time. In the meantime, enjoy the current version of our ESO talent calculator.

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