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ESO Champion Point Calculator and Updated Skill Calculator for Tamriel Unlimited

eso champion point and skill calculator

With the release of Tamriel Unlimited, in the form of patch 2.0.1, players are able to play the game without paying the subscription. A lot has changed since ESO launched and among those changes we have seen updates to player skills and an addition of a whole new system called the Champion Point system. Champion Points are part of getting rid of the old Veteran Rank system and they can be gained by doing quests, dungeons and other activities once you reach level 50. Once you get them you can distribute them among 9 constellations, each containing 8 buffs that you unlock by investing champion points into them.

We are proud to announce that we have updated our ESO Skill Calculator with the latest patch 2.0.1 data. This added some new skills and updated others. There are, even, some old skills removed from the game. We had to do a complete overhaul in order to get the calculator updated and in line with what people are playing right now. There are still some bugs and kinks, but we’ll work on removing those in the next few days. We took the opportunity to also introduce a new tab in the calculator that lets you browse through all the Champion Point upgrades. I believe we are among the first to release such a tool for the Elder Scrolls Online community. Champion Point Skill Calculator is still in beta and there are several improvements we still intend on introducing. For now, you can browse through all the constellations and see all the available buffs. You can invest points into them to see what that does to the ammount of buffs you are getting. It can be used in planning the best champion point investment strategy for your high level characters. The ability to save your Champion Point setup along with your skill build is not implemented at this time. We hope to bring all these features that you are accustomed to with our ESO talent calculator very soon, so stay tuned.

We recently passed a milestone of 10000 builds being saved through the skill calculator. We thank you all for visiting and using the tool and we hope you’ll find the latest additions useful as well.

You can visit the updated calculator for each class bellow (or through the menu above):
Dragonknight Skill Calculator
Nightblade Skill Calculator
Sorcerer Skill Calculator
Templar Skill Calculator

ESO Skill Calculator updated with 1.3.3 data

update 3 skill calculator Elder Scrolls Online Update 3 (patch 1.3.3) brought on a lot of skill changes across the board. Some skills have had their bug fixed. Others had their values tweaked in an effort to balance them better. Some skills have been changed to have better tooltip descriptions. We put in an effort to reflect all those changes in our online ESO Skill Calculator. I am sure many of you are already familiar with our ESO talent calculator since more than 7000 builds have been saved since the game launched (which you can browse through here). We would recommend for those actively maintaining your builds to update them for the latest patch, since some rotations might have changed in the meantime. If you updated your build to reflect 1.3.3 patch changes feel free to let us know via our contact us page and we will feature your build on the front page of our website. I hope you will continue to use our skill calculator and that it is a tool that will help you plan your character development even while you are not in the game.

P.S. If you are from a French speaking country we recommend you visit our friends at Game-Guide.fr because they have the skill calculator in French.

Updated ESO Skill Calculator to 1.1.2 data

With the release of ESO patch 1.1.2, that brought the new adventure zone Craglorn, we’ve seen an update to existing skills. Some of the skills were changed enough for Zenimax to provide free skill point refunds to everyone that had them invested in certain skills. You can see the full changelist in our Patch 1.1.2 Notes article. Most significant changes are the introduction of a cap to some AOE skills (like Dragonknight Inhale), and having some skills finally work as intended. If you had points in Templar’s Master Ritualist, Destruction Staff’s Impulse, Dual Wield’s Flying Blade, One hand and shield’s Deadly Bash and Support’s Battle Resurrection, you will have those skill points refunded and you can respend them in the same ability or somewhere else.

Old builds are still valid so you can still browse our database of submitted builds to find a useful one even if it was made prior to this patch. Remember though that the most optimal builds might have changed and you might want to look for the latest submitted builds to see what people have started using now.

Skill calculator tool for all classes has now been updated with the latest data from live patch 1.1.2. A lot of tooltips have been changed and values of some skills have also been changed. As always, keep in mind that our skill calculator uses 500 magicka, 500 stamina and 30 weapon and spell damage for base calculations of all values in spell tooltips. Things for your character in-game will be different based on what your individual stats are. Also remember that choosing a skill in our skill calculator chooses Rank IV of that skill immediately. We presume that you will level the chose skill to its maximum level. I hope you enjoy our updated skill calculator tool and feel free to leave any feedback in the comment section bellow.

Click on the buttons bellow to see the skill calculator for that class

ESO Craglorn Beta Skill Calculator (patch 1.1)

Elder Scrolls patch 1.1 that will introduce a new zone Craglorn is currently in beta testing on the Public Test Server (PTS). Patch introduces a lot of bug fixes and changes to current skills. We wanted to give a picture of what the players can expect with this patch by providing you with a skill calculator for all classes with updated skill numbers/descriptions. Bellow you will find the skill calculator to help you browse through updated skills (click on the buttons to see the calculator for different classes), but we also compiled a list of changes we manged to see while building the calculator. We couldn’t gather all the changes so best use our live ESO skill calculator in parallel with the one bellow to see all the changes for yourself. Let us know what you think about the changes in the comment section at the bottom of the article.

NOTE: These changes are in BETA testing. All of this is just preliminary and might change by the time the patch goes live. Do not take these for granted. These are here just for the community to analyze.
NOTE 2: All skill values in the calculator are calculated based on the following character values: 500 Magicka, 500 Stamina, 30 Weapon damage, 30 Spell damage.

Skill changelog is bellow the calculator so scroll down the page to read the changes

Click here to use the Craglorn PTS skill calculator and read the full skill changelog

Skill Calculator Updated

Our skill calculator has over 4000 submitted builds so far. It is one of the most visited sections of our website. I am guessing that a lot of people find it useful. Still, we were not happy with some of the things in the calculator so we spent some time in the past couple of weeks tweaking and updating stuff in the background. What better time to announce all these changes than patch day and updated skill data?

The biggest change to the calculator that might not be visible right away, but is crucial, is that all calculations of skill values are now based off of the following base values:

Magicka – 500
Stamina – 500
Weapon Damage – 30
Spell Damage – 30

In Elder Scrolls Online some skills do damage or buff players for a certain value and this value is calculated based on the amount of Magicka, Stamina, Weapon Damage or Spell Damage your character currently has. Calculations usually go something like this: (Magicka * x) + (Spell Damage * y) = Skill damage value. Base values used to be different in the previous version of our skill calculator, but now it is the values above. To reflect this change we also added information about what character stat affects skill values when such calculations are applied.


In addition to this we have fixed passive skills to show a different tooltip based on the selected rank of the passive skill. Previously all passive skills were capped at rank 2 and showed the rank 2 tooltip, but now we have made changes for the calculator to be more like the one in the game.


We also updated tooltips for all skills so they show more numbers. Before we had a lot of question marks instead of numbers, but now most of these have been replaced with correct values. There is still a problem with some of the values (especially HOT effects – we are not sure which character stats are used for their calculations), but this is as good as it gets at the moment.

Of course, you probably noticed new features we implemented since the game launched, like the ability to choose and save with your build attribute allocation or the ability to choose a weapon for 1st and 2nd bars. We did not announce these, because we thought them to be obvious, but they are there and available for you to tinker with.

We hope to ultimately achieve a dynamic calculator where you will be able to change the base Magicka, Stamina and Damage values and get dynamically calculated tooltips so you have an ultimate theorycrafting tool at your disposal, but this will have to wait for us to have some more free time. In the meantime, enjoy the current version of our ESO talent calculator.

Grahtwood, Stormhaven, Deshaan Skyshards and more for final beta

final eso beta

We are several hours away from the last beta test of Elder Scrolls Online before the game launches in two weeks. We have been very busy preparing content and guides that we hope will make some of the tasks during this beta easier. Here’s a comprehensive list of new things you might find useful while exploring Tamriel during this beta weekend.

Grahtwood, Stormhaven and Deshaan will be playable this weekend. These are all level 16-23 zones for each of the factions and are seen for the first time in the beta. We prepared Skyshard location guides with screenshots and exact map locations for each of the zones.

We also updated our ESO Skill Calculator with new data and abilities. You can now pick skills for two different weapon sets. You get the ability to have two weapons sets at level 15 and you can pick and choose your skills in our calculator and assign them to weapon set one or two (W1 or W2) based on what play style each weapon set represents. We had several hundred builds submitted to the website so you might want to browse through those to see how other players are planning to build their characters. As an extra bonus we updated tooltips to show what bonus morphing a certain skill will provide. Look at the green text bellow a morph to help you decide easier which morph to choose.

Don’t forget to check out our Tips and Tricks article to learn some things that might help your game experience be more enjoyable.

We started compiling guides to help you find Treasure maps in the game and the first of those are Bleakrock Isle and Auridon Treasure Map guides. These maps are random drops from chests or mobs and they give you hints on finding a hidden treasure. These are fairly hard to find and spot so in order to help you we decided to compile guides for each zone and each treasure map.

We hope you enjoy this final beta weekend in Elder Scrolls Online and the content we prepared for you and hope to see you in Tamriel on April 4. 2014.