Updated ESO Skill Calculator to 1.1.2 data

With the release of ESO patch 1.1.2, that brought the new adventure zone Craglorn, we’ve seen an update to existing skills. Some of the skills were changed enough for Zenimax to provide free skill point refunds to everyone that had them invested in certain skills. You can see the full changelist in our Patch 1.1.2 Notes article. Most significant changes are the introduction of a cap to some AOE skills (like Dragonknight Inhale), and having some skills finally work as intended. If you had points in Templar’s Master Ritualist, Destruction Staff’s Impulse, Dual Wield’s Flying Blade, One hand and shield’s Deadly Bash and Support’s Battle Resurrection, you will have those skill points refunded and you can respend them in the same ability or somewhere else.

Old builds are still valid so you can still browse our database of submitted builds to find a useful one even if it was made prior to this patch. Remember though that the most optimal builds might have changed and you might want to look for the latest submitted builds to see what people have started using now.

Skill calculator tool for all classes has now been updated with the latest data from live patch 1.1.2. A lot of tooltips have been changed and values of some skills have also been changed. As always, keep in mind that our skill calculator uses 500 magicka, 500 stamina and 30 weapon and spell damage for base calculations of all values in spell tooltips. Things for your character in-game will be different based on what your individual stats are. Also remember that choosing a skill in our skill calculator chooses Rank IV of that skill immediately. We presume that you will level the chose skill to its maximum level. I hope you enjoy our updated skill calculator tool and feel free to leave any feedback in the comment section bellow.

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