The Justice System

Update 1.6 is around the corner – it’s due to arrive March 2nd, and it’s going to bring with it a lot of changes. One of the biggest additions to the game is the Justice System, which handles criminal activities.

With 1.6 installed, taking items that don’t belong to you will finally be considered stealing – if you’re caught, that is. The same goes for picking locks and pockets, attacking (and murdering) good citizens. If someone sees you committing a crime, you’ll get a Bounty on your head, which will make guards react to your presence. Depending on the size of the bounty, they may order you to pay a fine or attack you on sight. Bounty will decay over time, slowly of course.

teso justice system update 6
You’ll need fences to sell stolen goods to, and you’ll be able to find them in special places called “Outlaw Refuges”. The update also brings with it a new skill line, called “Legerdemain”, which will aid you (and gain experience) when doing bad stuff.

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3 thoughts on “The Justice System

  1. SubscriberFA18C

    Quite the opposite IMO (as someone who has played the game since Beta). As is, bounty-bored ppl just end up trolling chat, especially in the beginning zones. Now imagine what would happen if they were forced to sweat that time out in jail–with no other distractions. While it’s true that most of the trolls will eventually be bounty hunters (if that’s not super-uber-mega trolling, nothing is!) but until then, they’re victimizing pixels by stealing until they can victimize people/characters by (cough) ‘enforcing the law’ (cough).

    What we need is for ZOS to shorten the asinine bounty wait times and the gold amounts, especially for silly incidental things like popping a perfectly innocent/accidental heal spell in the vicinity of someone who is being chased by guards, in which case you can accrue a HUGE bounty when you’ve actually committed no crime at all. I was told you get slammed with the alleged criminal’s whole bounty, and I know for sure that you can get a “red circle of death” in addition to substantial white (slower) bounty for one heal spell misfire, because it’s happened to me.

    Think it through. The jail thing has zero advantages for almost all players aside from the cash strapped very new ones who out-bounty their available cash–a fairly common nooblar mistake. Given we can’t use console commands to make time pass faster in an MMO, and given the guards already let you go if you pay your bounty, AND given the fact that ZOS has a VERY long list of FAR more pressing matters to attend to ASAP, adding jail to the so called Justice System is a definite no for me. The last thing we need is another “new” thing that takes forever IF ever to get the bugs out.

    Consolation: As players progress, they earn skills that equate to a bounty discount. So until then just don’t accrue more of a bounty than you can afford to pay, and you won’t get caught in that cycle some new players have been crying…I mean upset about in which the guards keep killing them over and over again because they don’t have bounty money.

    That is the time at which you log off, stay logged off for a while, let the bounty run down if you’re really in that bad a situation, and do something else, like check out another alliance with another character. ‘My’ friends and I decided very early on to run two (or more) characters to prevent bounty boredom, and it works great for crafting and storage issues as well.

    Happy Travels!

    So…no to

  2. Helix-Roveda

    Well allright, there you go. Justice for all and so on … I myself am not too fond of a justice system and on the other hand would be pleased very much with one. All things considered there could and probably will be many people complaining a bugged system with “I didn’t do nothing, it just happened by accident” and SUBSCRIBERFA18C certainly has an argument pitying those poor starters not having the gold to pay. I killed a few people in the heat of the battle that I didn’t intend to. Well, so it goes. I am very much annoyed seeing so called assassins and thieves doing their thing openly and seemingly not covering their wicked ways at all. (As by the way I am with duelling in public places or even a bank. And don’t tell me it’s just kid’s fun because you get awarded for a certain amount of duels.) If there was justice, it should have consequences for those who break a law. Paying a few pieces of gold for a killing isn’t. If you’re caught, you could chose to go to jail or forfeit items (as for instance your amour or weapons or else). That leaves enough room to avoid heavy punishment by those who tread the path of an outlaw and still is a severe loss to many. Ok, tell me I am an old fashioned fool, but I don’t see any risk in thieves succeding to open a case in a bank full of people watching. After all I am no developer of games and know nothing of programming one, but I like to play a game that makes sense in itself. Wyatt Earp would have laughed his butt off on this one 🙂


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