ESO Pilgrim’s Path Achievement – Shrines of Seven Graces in Morrowind

Pilgrim’s Path achievement is a trophy in Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. In order to unlock it, you’ll have to find all seven Shrines of the Seven Graces. Finding them and reading their inscriptions will net you five achievement points. These shrines are rather hard to spot from a distance. They are small, engraved stone pedestals with candles on them. In this guide, we’re going to help you unlock ESO Morrowind Pilgrim’s Path achievement, by showing you all shrines of Seven Graces locations.

ESO Morrowind The Pilgrim's Path Achievement Trophy
Pilgrim’s Path Achievement/Trophy

Shrines of the Seven Graces Locations

Three of the Shrines are found in Vivec City, with one being them really well hidden. Two of them are in northwestern Vvardenfell, while the last two are just south and southeast from the Red Mountain.

No. Shrine Name Location Description
1. Humility Alongside the road, just north from Lake Amaya, west from Suran.
2. Daring In the main city, just above the Library, west from Vivec Temple Wayshrine, next to a large pillar fountain.
3. Generosity In the main city, above the Library, north from Vivec Temple Wayshrine, next to the Vivec’s statue.
4. Courtesy Probably the best hidden one. Found in southern Vivec City, just below the long stairs that take you to the Palace. Jump on the second floor of the flooded balcony and go under the stairs.
5. Justice Found within Gnisis Temple in northwestern Vvardenfell. Once inside the Temple, go up the stairs, and find it standing next to some bookshelves and cabinets.
6. Valor South from Gnisis in northwestern Vvardenfell, southeast from its wayshrine. Close to the water and the boulder that looks like a bridge. It can’t be seen from the nearby road.
7. Pride In southeastern Vvardenfell, south from Nchuleftingth (dungeon). Follow the narrow path just south from Erabenimsun Camp. It will take you uphill, where you’ll find the the two tall, dried-out trees, the shrine next to them.

Shrines of the Seven Graces Inscriptions

Reading the inscriptions from the Seven Shrines plaques, you learn a lot about Vivec. The seven shrines represent the seven virtues of Vivec.

Name Inscription
Shrine of Humility Once, Lord Vivec met a farmer whose guar had died, making her unable to feed her family or village. So Vivec removed his finery and toiled in the fields until the crop was harvested.
Thus we pray for the same humility Lord Vivec showed that day.
Shrine of Daring When Sheogorath tricked Baar Dau to hurl itself upon Lord Vivec’s city, the Poet-Warrior froze the rogue moon with a single gesture. Overwhelmed by his courage and daring, the moon swore itself to eternal service of the Tribunal and all its works.
Shrine of Generosity Long after our triumph over the Dwarves, the pople wished to build a monument to the heroes of that war. Vivec thanked them, but said that it would be better to dedicate a monument to all people, grat and small, who suffered and died in the war.
Shrine of Courtesy In battle with Mehrunes Dagon, Vivec gave his own silver longsword to the Daedra Lord rather than dishonor himself by fighting an unarmed foe. This so impressed the Dremora that they now share a bond of respect with the followers of the Tribunal.
Shrine of Justice Once Vivec awoke to find himself and his followers trapped in hardened ash. Saddened by their suffering, his tears weaked the ash, freeing him to save his people. This is Vivec’s heroism – his tender hear provides strength when his might fails.
Shrine of Valor Lord Vivec once fought a battle with Ruddy Man, the father of the Dreugh. When he defeated Ruddy Man, Vivec spared his life, on the condition that Ruddy Man and his children would give up their tough hides to serve as armor for the Dunmer.
Shrine of Pride Have trust in the Tribunal, for they protect us from our foes. Have love for the Tribunal, for they bring us help in time of need. Give respect to the Tribunal, for their indomitable will and power is the pride of all Dunmer.

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