ESO Tribunal Preacher Achievement – 36 Lessons Sermon Locations

Tribunal Preacher achievement is a trophy in ESO Morrowind. It tasks you with finding all sermons from the 36 Lessons of Vivec. Like many other things in ESO Morrowind, these sermons made their first appearance in TES3. If you’ve already read all these books back in the day, you’ll happy to know that there is a Sermon 37 now as well.

The 36 Lessons Sermon Books ESO Morrowind
ESO Morrowind Tribunal Preacher Achievement

36 Lessons of Vivec – All sermon locations

All 37 lessons are listed in the alphabetical order below. The first information in the location column signifies the part of the map (for example “E” means it is in eastern Vvardenfell).

Sermon Lessons Location Vvardenfell ESO Morrowind

No. Location Description
1. SE, Seyda Neen Inside Census and Excise Office, on a table.
2. NW, Gnisis 2nd floor of the Gnisis Temple, on a bench.
3. NW, Ashalmawia South from the dungeon entrance, next to a big tree, close to the water.
4. S, Suran Inside the Suran Temple, on a table.
5. SE, Tel Branora Wayshrine Break into Dalen’s House and you’ll find it on a chair.
6. S, Suran West from the town, on a bench in a house.
7. NE, Sadrith Mora Inside the Gateway Inn.
8. NE, Vos In the Gathering House, just right from the entrance, below a framed picture on the wall.
9. NE, Pinsun, Hanud Tower In a boat.
10. S, Vivec City Western part of town, close to the enchanting table.
11. S, Master Kharekh’s Residence North from Vivec City, on a small boat.
12. SW, Ahemmusa Camp In a hole of the small cliff, next to an extinguished bonfire.
13. W, Khartag Point Close to the dungeon entrance, next to a bonfire and a backpack.
14. E, Falensarano Ruins In a wheelbarrow.
15. N, Ald Carac On a wheelbarrow with target practice marks.
16. W, S from Ald’ruhn Camp Next to a blocked shrine entrance.
17. NE, Tel Mora NE from the Vos town center. Break into Ahtram’s House and you’ll find it on a large table.
18. NE, East from Molag Mar In a bay, next to a small boat.
19. E, Tel Aruhn In Vedran’s House, next to the entrance.
20. SE, Shashpilamat East from the Matus-Akin Egg Mine, next to an empty wheelbarrow.
21. S, Amaya Lake SE from Balmora, in a fishing lodge on a small peninsula, next to a bed.
22. S, Ules Manor South from the Suran wayshrine, on a dock, next to the four wooden boxes.
23. S, Marandus East from the Foyada Quarry, next to the rail tracks, on top of a pile of wooden boards.
24. S, Ald Sotha Close to a road, a large tree and some boulders.
25. SW, Balmora In the NW part of town, in the Balmora Tribunal Temple, on a small table, next to a window.
26. NE, Nchuleftingth Wayshrine In a wheelbarrow.
27. E, Tel Galen SE from Sadrith Mora, on the largest island, on top of the stairs.
28. SE, Molag Mar Wayshrine On the corner of a small pier.
29. SE, Holamayan Monastery On a wooden wheelbarrow.
30. W, Arenim Manor South from Khartag Point, close to the wall entrance.
31. NW, Salothan’s Council At the end of a road, close to the shrine.
32. S, Mistress Dren’s Residence Southeast from Balmora, on the southern shore of Amaya Lake, on a wooden box.
33. SW, Vassir-Didanat Mine At the start of a long stairway, on a barrow.
34. E, Pulk Next to the metal gate, on a chair.
35. S, Vivec City From the east side, in the Farmers and Laborers Hall, on a kitchen table.
36. SW, Balmora Just east from the two bridges, on a night table in Retheran’s House.
37. SE, Tel Branora Wayshrine Inside a tower, below a three-part picture, next to some foliage.

Update (11.30.2017): Due to “popular” demand, and because of the fact that my “perfect” explanations are not that good, I’ve included the screenshots of each Lessons of Vivec, in the gallery below.

25 thoughts on “ESO Tribunal Preacher Achievement – 36 Lessons Sermon Locations

    1. Lokesh Post author

      East from the center of the two Balmora bridges there is a house with only one entrance. The stairs leads to its first floor and the door that has advanced lock on. This is the Retheran’s House. Once you enter, go to your right, down the stairs, into a small room at the end. There is a bed, a small grey metal pot and a nightstand with some candles. The book is on top of this nightstand. If you can’t enter this house, maybe you need to complete some of the Balmora quests?

      1. Kat Black

        In the same part of town there is a Rethan’s House that doesn’t seem to open (at least if you have finished the town quests), but the book is in the nearby Retheran’s House with an Advanced lock. Another ZOS troll…. make sure it’s the exact right name on the door 🙂

  1. Eric Hostetter

    #12 Is SSE, not SW of the camp. And it’s more of an indent in the cliff face than a rock.

  2. egggga

    24. S, Ald Sotha Close to a road, a large tree and some boulders.

    Good explanation, really clear, the place is surrounded by large trees and boulders.

  3. egggga

    29. SE, Holamayan Monastery On a wooden wheelbarrow.

    When is a wheelbarrow, not a wheelbarrow, when its a barrel.

    At top of stairs if you’re interested (but which stairs?)

  4. Iantha

    I never had an issue finding any of the books using only the written decsription. Thank you for the help this provided in helping me locate the ten books i couldnt find

    1. Lokesh Post author

      Thank you for the kind words IANTHA, and you are welcome. I’ve always wanted to add pictures as well, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. I know it means a lot for people.

  5. Lonador

    Outstanding piece of work! Thank you very much, I didn’t even know these were an achieve until I was digging around. Thank you again for saving me so much time!

  6. briarxrose

    Wow, some of these people are straight mean. I don’t see them making a guide for this, just spewing their “corrections” as rudely as possible. Sorry they’ve given you trouble. Even where there were mistakes, you at least got me in the vicinity of the book, so I didn’t have to struggle-bus around the map *completely* blind, sheesh. Appreciate your hard work for this.<3

    1. G

      More specifically. sermon 10 is located up the wooden ramp behind the barrels & crates that lies directly above the alchemy station


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