Assassins and The Great Houses Trailer for ESO Morrowind

There’s a new trailer for ESO Morrowind. It’s called (quite bluntly) Assassins and The Great Houses, and it explains Morag Tong’s role in Vvardenfell society. It’s also filled with exciting scenes of hired killers stabbing noble folk.

assassins and the great houses trailer eso morrowind

If you haven’t played TES3, here’s a crash course: there are three great houses vying for power in Morrowind. They’re in a constant state of cold war – the Telvanni wizards, the Redoran warriors and the Hlaalu merchants. However, open hostility isn’t the way to solve problems. Instead, they go behind each other’s backs, lie, steal and scheme. The need to mediate between the three and be a kind of impartial judge quickly arose, and the Morag Tong were more than glad to satisfy it.

The Tong are government-sanctioned assassins. There is proper protocol to follow when hiring them to execute someone. Once a writ has been issued, a Tong assassin can murder the target with impunity, in broad daylight. If guards intervene, all they have to do is show them the papers and walk away.

They’re one of the most interesting factions in all of Tamriel. Sadly, players won’t get the chance to join them. On the upside, we will be able to assist Naryu, a Tong member, with several problems, as she tries to restore the reputation of her guild after the incindent with the Dark Brotherhood.

ESO Morrowind is going to come out on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One on June 6th. You can get early access with the PC version if you buy one of the fancy editions. The early access starts on May 22nd, a full two weeks before the official launch. You’ll have less people to play with in that period, but the servers won’t be wiped, so you’ll get to keep your character and all the progress you’ve made.

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