ESO Morrowind Warden Class Trailer & Info

The Warden is the new class we’ll be getting once the Morrowind expansion launches. It’s a druid/warrior hybrid, with the ability to command nature’s finest – both plants and forest critters. Bethesda have published a trailer for the Warden, showcasing some of their abilities, as well as a breakdown of their skills.

eso morrowind warden class skills

According to the video, summoning a bear is the most important thing for a Warden. Although the Warden can fight for themselves, they seem to be dependant on spell casting, which makes the urcine associate all the more convenient. It’s nice to have someone else to bash skulls while you conjure up pretty magicks. They can also summon some sort of crocodile, netches and @!#%& cliff-racers. Life on Vvardenfell is a cruel joke. The trailer paints the wise warriors of the forest as outcasts who’ve decided to return to human society after years of living in reclusiveness – hopefully their story gets explored further in the add-on.

If you want the complete breakdown of the Warden’s skill lines, you should check out the official blog. It’s a long read, but it’ll really prepare you for making your own druid. In short, you have the animal companion abilities, which allow you to summon pets. They can either buff you or aid you in combat directly. Green balance skills let you draw on nature to get healing and protective buffs – think flowers, vines and fungi, all with magical properties. Abilities from the Winter’s Embrace line will let you control ice, for both offensive and defensive purposes – they will allow you to encase yourself in frost and increase your defense, or to shoot people with fairly large icicles.

At least that’s how the developers seem to see the Warden. The community will, without a doubt, have a different vision, and will find the optimal way to warden within a week of release.

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