In the mouth of the falls overlooking Shimmerene Screenshot

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Shimmerene is a town in eastern Summerset. It is somewhere between the Shimmerene Wayshrine to the south, and Elbur Ruins Wayshrine to the north.

This is probably one of the easiest ones to find. All the clues are mentioned in its name, and there is not much to hide here. If you zoom in the map northwest from the Shimmerene, you'll spot a small area of water. Head toward this spot.
As it is overlooking Shimmerene, climbing here won't be that easy. In general, if you are following the nearby road, just make a small detour toward this watery part of the map. As you get close to it, you'll see water coming out of the ground near the large boulder. It fills up a small pond next to it, making it a grand place to get away from the summer heat. Next to this water source, in the Mouth of the Falls, is the Skyshard. Looking down at the town, you can make some memorable screenshots. At least that what I've done, more than once. There are so many unexpectedly beautiful areas in the zone.