ESO Morrowind Discovery Pack Bonus Items & How to Unlock Them

The Discovery Pack is a preorder bonus for ESO Morrowind. It’s a digital bag of goodies, which includes a handful of exclusive in-game items. Everyone who preorders the expansion will get it, and Bethesda have finally published detailed explanations of each item included, as well as where to find them once you’re in the game.

eso morrowind discovery pack how to unlock

Warden Costume

This is the costume you’ve seen the Warden from the first cinematic trailer wear. It’s a black leather outfit with dark red accessories and shoulder pads. If you decide you want to wear it, simply open the collections menu, go to Appearance, pick costumes, then look for it in the list. We recommend using it on non-warden characters, to confuse the other players.

Dwarven War Dog Pet

A large black hound with a piece of Dwarven dog armor covering the top of its head and part of its back. It does absolutely nothing apart from looking like and idiot and following you around constantly. So, it’s like a real dog. You can find it by opening the collections menu, then the Non-Combat Pets tab.

Treasure maps

There are three ESO Morrowind treasure maps in the Discovery pack. To use them, you’ll first have to claim them using the in-game mail system. Once you have them, open up your inventory and look for them in the misc section.

Dwarven Crown Crate

You’ll get one of these as your preorder, and once you open it, you’ll get some random items from the expansion. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with a beautiful new mount. If you’re like us, you’ll end up with Dwarven Brow Guards. Yes, they are as ridiculous as the name suggests. No, we will not show them to you. Your crate will be in the Crown Crate submenu.

Experience scrolls

You’ll get two exp boost scrolls as well. When used, they increase your experience point gain by 50% for two hours. As with the maps, you’ll need to find them in the mail first, then use them from the Consumables menu.

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