Morrowind Halls of Fabrication Trial – What We Know

Halls of Fabrication is a new trial in Elder Scrolls Online. It will be added to the game in the Morrowind expansion. It’s a 12-player trial that takes place in the mythical Clockwork City. There isn’t much information about it, but we’ve compiled everything we’ve found out into this post.

eso morrowind halls of fabrication trial

The Clockwork City will be familiar to anyone who’s played TES3 – it’s the mechanical fortress built by Sotha Sil, one of the three gods of the Tribunal. Up until now, the knowledge of its location was though to be lost. While you could visit it in one of the TES3 expansions, you never could truly explore it.

The official blog mentioned the city will be entered through Tel Fyr, a Telvanni tower located on one of the small islands in the archipelago in the east of Vvardenfell. This could mean the city is direclty below it, but we could also travel there by magical means – the Telvanni are powerful wizards, which could be the reason for going to their domain.

Once inside, the players will face off against constructs much like the ones made by the Dwemer, and fabricants. The automaton-reptile chimeras in the city are Sotha Sil’s creation, a step in his quest to forge the future and reshape the world. The official blog also mentioned we’ll get to fight a Dwarven Centurion, the giant robot like the one seen in the announcement cinematic.

There’s still no word on the possible rewards, but we’re hopeful they’ll include a dwemer construct for a pet, or even a tiny fabricant. There’s also no official word on the difficulty, but one of the developers responded to a tweet from a fan by saying they’re aiming to make it similar to what Maw of Lorkhaj was when it launched.

We’ll update this page with more info about the trial when we have it.

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