Blessings Of The Eight



Quest Text:
Torinaan is a holy site dedicated to the Divines. It’s been corrupted by Daedra, and the loyal clergy there wants my aid in cleansing the area.

Starting NPC:
Aldarch Colaste

First objective:
There are several shrines scattered across Torinaan. All of them will have to be cleansed for the Daedric corruption to leave the site.

  • Restore the Shrines

One thought on “Blessings Of The Eight

  1. Sorealnebula

    For other explorers who finish this quest and are looking for Aldarch Colaste, the way point arrow makes you think that she is outside, but she is actually inside the last shrine after you cleanse it, through a doorway. I spent a lot of time re-logging and thinking it was a bug. I recognize there was a small hint in the journal, but if others don’t get that right away, hopefully this helps. 🙂


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