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Quest Name ▲ Level ▼ Zone ▼ Type ▼
Crosswych Reclaimed15Glenumbra
Crossroads6Bal Foyen
Crossing the Chasm48Coldharbour
Crocodile Bounty12Glenumbra
Crimes of the Past26Rivenspire
Crawling Chaos35Alik'r Desert
Cracking the Egg26Shadowfen
Council of the Five Companions45The HarborageMain Story
Corruption Stones8Auridon
Contract: Armando5
Conflicted Emotions37Bangkorai
Concealed Weapons39The Rift
Collector of Pelts32Eastmarch
Cold-Blooded Vengeance23Deshaan
Cold-Blooded Revenge27Shadowfen
Close the Scamp Caves8Stonefalls
Climbing the Spire15Stonefalls
Cleansing the Past10Stonefalls
Cleansing the Lake13
Clean Up the Dead15
Claw of Akatosh50Cyrodiil
Claim to Fame37Torog's Spite
City Under Siege4Stonefalls
City at the Spire12Stonefalls
Circus of Cheerful Slaughter25Mage/Fighter Guild
Choice Quest20
Children of Yokuda24Rivenspire
Children of the Hist28Shadowfen
Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent33Mage/Fighter Guild
Chasing the Magistrix21Deshaan
Chasing Shadows15The HarborageMain Story
Champion of the Guardians7Glenumbra
Challenge the Tide16Deshaan
Cause and Effect50Cyrodiil
Catch the Lightning29Shadowfen
Catch of the Day50Cyrodiil
Castle of the Worm20Castle of the WormMain Story
Cast Adrift4Khenarthi's Roost
Carzog's Demise6Betnikh
Carving Cuttle21Deshaan
Carnival Conundrum20Grahtwood
Captured Time29Shadowfen
Capture Warden Mine50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Warden Mine50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Warden Mine50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Warden Lumbermill50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Warden Lumbermill50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Warden Lumbermill50CyrodiilPvP