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Quest Name ▼ Level ▲ Zone ▼ Type ▼
By Invitation Only21Deshaan
School Daze21Deshaan
Vision Quest21Deshaan
Chasing the Magistrix21Deshaan
Lost in Study21Grahtwood
Forbidden Love21Grahtwood
Azura's Aid21Stormhaven
Vaermina's Gambit21Stormhaven
Godrun's Dream21Stormhaven
Search and Rescue21Deshaan
Carving Cuttle21Deshaan
The Perfect Burial21Stormhaven
The Return of the Dream Shard21Stormhaven
Pact Advocate21Grahtwood
A Service for the Dead21Deshaan
A Woman Wronged21Stormhaven
A Final Request21Stormhaven
Evidence Against Adima21Stormhaven
Saving Hosni21Stormhaven
Abominations from Beyond21Stormhaven
Curse of Skulls21Stormhaven
The Seal of Three21Deshaan
Castle of the Worm20Castle of the WormMain Story
Carnival Conundrum20Grahtwood
Ancient Remains20Elden HollowGroup Dungeon
Lost and Found20
Waiting for Word20Stormhaven
Choice Quest20
An Offering to Azura20Stormhaven
The Trial of the Ghost Snake20Deshaan
Trade Negotiations20Deshaan
They Dragged Him Away20Stormhaven
The Sower Reaps20Stormhaven
A Prison of Sleep20Stormhaven
Rat in a Trap20Stormhaven
Revenge Against Rama20Stormhaven
A Means to an End20Stormhaven
Another Omen20Stormhaven
Remembering Risa20Deshaan
Mine All Mine20Darkshade CavernsGroup Dungeon
The Gate to Quagmire20Stormhaven
The Dreugh Threat20Stormhaven
The Unquiet Dead20Grahtwood
Stolen Ashes20Stormhaven
Word from the Dead20Stormhaven
A Ransom for Miranda20Stormhaven
The Debt Collector's Debts20Stormhaven
A Gang of Thugs20Stormhaven
The Signet Ring20Stormhaven
Phantom Guilt20Grahtwood