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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▼ Type ▲
Kireth's Amazing Plan37Eastmarch
The Sower Reaps20Stormhaven
Bad Soldiers23Deshaan
The Better of Two Evils35Eastmarch
Swift Justice29Greenshade
Azura's Guardian19Stormhaven
The Thin Ones25Shadowfen
Fire in the Fields19Stormhaven
Three Tender Souls24Shadowfen
The Tale of the Green Lady33Malabal Tor
The Innkeeper's Daughter22Grahtwood
A Prison of Sleep20Stormhaven
Getting to the Truth24Shadowfen
The Show Must Go On33Malabal Tor
Izad's Treasure4Stros M'Kai
Blood Revenge19Stormhaven
Unwelcome Guests24Shadowfen
Raise the Curtain33Malabal Tor
Rat in a Trap20Stormhaven
The Falinesti Faithful31Greenshade
A Father's Plea55
Scouring the Mire24Shadowfen
Eternal Slumber35Eastmarch
Revenge Against Rama20Stormhaven
Breaking the Ward31Greenshade
A Means to an End20Stormhaven
Aggressive Negotiations15Stonefalls
Snow and Flame37Eastmarch
Injured Spirit Wardens19Stormhaven
Saving the Son15Stonefalls
Songs of Sovngarde38Eastmarch
Shock to the System35Malabal Tor
A Tangled Knot26Greenshade
Next of Kin19Stormhaven
A Gathering of Guar15Stonefalls
Dark Deeds35Eastmarch
Tip of the Spearhead5Stros M'Kai
Manthir's Debt26Greenshade
The Return of the Dream Shard21Stormhaven
To the Tormented Spire15Stonefalls
The Storm's Call32Malabal Tor
A Wedding to Attend35Malabal Tor
In the Belly of the Sea Hawk27Greenshade
Divert and Deliver17Stormhaven
From the Wastes13Stonefalls
Gods Save the King35Eastmarch
Into the Hills6Betnikh
Scaled Captors27Greenshade
Another Omen20Stormhaven
The Soldier's Alibi23Deshaan