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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▼ Type ▲
Shades of Green30Greenshade
Gone Missing34Alik'r Desert
Of Councils and Kings35Eastmarch
Claim to Fame37Torog's Spite
Crawling Chaos35Alik'r Desert
The Rise of Sage Svari38The Rift
The Hedoran Estate50Cyrodiil
The Thunder Breaks42The Rift
The Bloodthorn Plot6Betnikh
Eyes of Azura19Grahtwood
Scouting the Mine38The Rift
Repentant Son7Auridon
The Concealing Veil29Rivenspire
Snakes in the Sands36Alik'r Desert
Aldmeri Incursion10Farwatch Depths
Breaking the Coven38The Rift
Tormented Souls6Betnikh
Hope Lost26Rivenspire
March of the Ra Gada36Alik'r Desert
A Plot of Portals10Farwatch Depths
Victory at Morvunskar33Eastmarch
Lost Bet15Auridon
Troll's Dessert38Bangkorai
Feathered Fiends36Alik'r Desert
A Fiery Surprise10Farwatch Depths
Lost Companions43The Rift
Securing Knowledge50Cyrodiil
A Favor Between Kings40Bangkorai
The Search for Shiri35Alik'r Desert
To Pinepeak Caverns40The Rift
Garments by Odei12Glenumbra
Imperial Incursion37Alik'r Desert
Lost Lions18Bonesnap Ruins
To Honrich Tower41The Rift
Red Rook Resources9Glenumbra
The Grip of Madness18Grahtwood
In Search of the Ash'abah31Alik'r Desert
Repairing the Cage18Bonesnap Ruins
Securing the Pass42The Rift
Goblin's Delight50Cyrodiil
Bounty: Black Daggers50Cyrodiil
Fortune and Opportunity30Bangkorai
Vengeance of the Oppressed19Deshaan
Stomping Sinmur42The Rift
A Brush With Death11Glenumbra
Bounty: Gray Vipers50Cyrodiil
One Last Game18Stormhaven
Vengeance for House Dres15Stonefalls
Names of the Fallen42The Rift