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Quest Name ▼ Level ▲ Zone ▼ Type ▼
The Wayward Dagger14Auridon
Lifting the Siege14
Eye Spy14Auridon
On the Tail of a Wolf14
Eye of the Ancients14Auridon
Cursed Treasure14Glenumbra
Servants of Ancient Kings14Glenumbra
Faith in the Family14Auridon
The Missing14
Darkvale Brews14Stonefalls
Forgotten Ancestry14Glenumbra
Fortune in Failure14Glenumbra
The Fetish13Stonefalls
Tracking the Courier13
The Lost Courier13
Holding The Line13
Blessings of the Eight13Auridon
Plague of Wolves13
Relic Rescue13Auridon
The Innkeeper's Kitty13
Roche's Prison13
Harsh Lesson13Auridon
Trouble in Grayborne13
The Lion Guard's Stand13Glenumbra
The Third Squad13
Vines and Villains13Glenumbra
Wyress Jacinta13
The Poisoner of Grayborne13
An Abandoned Home13
Cleansing the Lake13
Ranser's Manservant13
Wyress Zoe13
One Final Remedy13
The Wounded Manservant13
The Lost Patrol13Glenumbra
An Unwanted Twin13Stonefalls
Shattering Mirror13Stonefalls
A Story Told in Footprints13Stonefalls
Waylaid Wine Merchant13Stonefalls
From the Wastes13Stonefalls
Divine Favor13Stonefalls
Mastering the Talisman13Glenumbra
The Corpse Horde13Glenumbra
Taking the Fight to the Enemy13Glenumbra
Savages of Stonefalls13Stonefalls
Picking Up The Pieces12
Incidental Damage12
One of the Undaunted12Auridon
A Worried Warden12