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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▼ Type ▼
Broken Apart28Shadowfen
Outside Interference28Shadowfen
Deep Disturbance30Shadowfen
Scales of Retribution30Shadowfen
What Happened at Murkwater30Shadowfen
Missing in the Mire30Shadowfen
Cracking the Egg26Shadowfen
A Poisoned Heart30Shadowfen
Threefold Folly26Shadowfen
Shadowfen Smorgasbord24Shadowfen
A Last Reminder25Shadowfen
Strength of the Father27Shadowfen
Will of the Broken26Shadowfen
The Tree-Minder's Fate27Shadowfen
Cold-Blooded Revenge27Shadowfen
Riches Beyond Measure29Shadowfen
Saving the Relics26Shadowfen
And Throw Away The Key30Shadowfen
The Keystone30Shadowfen
The Ones Left Behind30Shadowfen
A Final Release30Shadowfen
The Agreement15Sia Ebony Mine
Bones of a Ghost16Sia Ebony Mine
Deadly Whispers12SpindleclutchGroup Dungeon
Blood Relations50SpindleclutchGroup Dungeon
Messages Across Tamriel43StirkMain Story
The Weight of Three Crowns43StirkMain Story
The Fetish13Stonefalls
Enlightenment Needs Salt11Stonefalls
One of the Undaunted12Stonefalls
Window on the Past9Stonefalls
Cleansing the Past10Stonefalls
Suspicious Silence8Stonefalls
Stem the Tide11Stonefalls
The Coral Heart10Stonefalls
The Truth about Spiders10Stonefalls
Darkvale Brews14Stonefalls
Delaying the Daggers4Stonefalls
Taking Precautions15Stonefalls
City Under Siege4Stonefalls
To Aid Davon's Watch7Stonefalls
Quiet the Ringing Bell4Stonefalls
Assisting Davon's Watch8Stonefalls
Through the Aftermath5Stonefalls
A Higher Priority11Stonefalls
The Venom of Ahknara8Stonefalls
To the Mountain10Stonefalls
Proving Trust6Stonefalls