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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▲ Type ▼
A Change of Heart28Rivenspire
The Last of Them29Rivenspire
The Blood-Splattered Shield26Rivenspire
The Blood-Cursed Town25Rivenspire
Fadeel's Freedom25Rivenspire
A Past Remembered27Rivenspire
Love Lost30Rivenspire
Ancient Power30Rivenspire
A Traitor's Tale27Rivenspire
The Price of Longevity27Rivenspire
The Concealing Veil29Rivenspire
Hope Lost26Rivenspire
The Lightless Remnant30Rivenspire
The Emerald Chalice29Rivenspire
Under Siege24Rivenspire
The Road to Rivenspire24Rivenspire
Shornhelm Divided24Rivenspire
Dream-Walk Into Darkness24Rivenspire
Guar Gone30Rivenspire
The Lady's Keepsake27Rivenspire
Archaic Relics28Rivenspire
The Barefoot Breton30Rivenspire
Assassin Hunter25Rivenspire
The Assassin's List26Rivenspire
Threat of Death30Rivenspire
A Dagger to the Heart30Rivenspire
Shedding the Past27Rivenspire
Frightened Folk29Rivenspire
In the Doghouse26Rivenspire
Into the Vice Den38Reaper's March
On the Doorstep38Reaper's March
A Foot in the Door42Reaper's March
The Summoner Division42Reaper's March
The Sorcerer Division42Reaper's March
The Swordmaster Division42Reaper's March
The Champion Division42Reaper's March
The Colovian Occupation38Reaper's March
Stonefire Machinations38Reaper's March
Hadran's Fall38Reaper's March
Ezreba's Fate38Reaper's March
Lizard Racing38Reaper's March
Spikeball38Reaper's March
Troll Arena38Reaper's March
An Affront to Mara41Reaper's March
A Traitor's Luck41Reaper's March
A Door Into Moonlight37Reaper's March
To Rawl'kha38Reaper's March
The Path to Moonmont37Reaper's March
Hallowed To Arenthia38Reaper's March
The First Step39Reaper's March