Sever All Ties



Quest Text:
In order to save Firsthold and all of Auridon from High Kinlady Estre, the Oblivion portals must be closed and Estre defeated for good.

Part of:
Firsthold Objective
First objective:
I should enter the Oblivion portals and find their source, a sigil stone. Once I find the stone, I will need to destroy it in order to close the portal for good.

If you complete this quest, and you still have 2/3 closed portals, you need to restart the mission by abandoning it.

One thought on “Sever All Ties

  1. joonas

    i did abandon this mission because i had 2/3 closed portals even when i had closed them all and now i have no idea where i can start this mission again:( pls help me


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