Wearing The Veil



Quest Text:
I’ve discovered the secret island stronghold of the Veiled Heritance. If I can pass their trials, I may be able to discover the true minds behind the Veil.

Part of:
Skywatch Objective
First objective:
For my first trial, I must prove my intelligence. I should speak to Ohmonir to begin this trial.

  • Talk to Ohmonir
This quest unlocks as you complete "Lifting the Veil" prerequisite quest in eastern Errinorne Isle. Quest has three different challenges.

The first (Ohmonir) challenge.

Ohmonir is going to test your mind with puzzles. In order to complete his puzzles, you need to choose the appropriate puzzle solution item that are behind him on tables. You can check out some of the puzzles and their solutions bellow.
Puzzle Test 1: Two bodies have I, two joined into one,
The more I stand still the faster I run.
I flip on my head,
Some watch me with dread.
What am I?
Solution: Hourglass

Puzzle Test 2: Friend to soldiers, guardsmen, and mercs.
Scarred from battle, unbowed by hurt.
I always face forward when battle is joined.
When on the march, I watch from behind.
What am I?
Solution: Shield

Puzzle Test 3:When young, I’m sweet in the sun.
When middle-aged,I’m the life of the party.
When old, I’m worth my weight in gold.
When I’m gone, everyone laments my absence.
What am I?
Solution: Wine

Puzzle Test 4: I have lots to say but never speak,
I open but you cannot walk through me,
I have a spine but no bones.
Solution: Book

The Second (Varustante) challenge

Varustante tests your speed. Follow and reach all the markers (blue lights) in 110 seconds. In order to complete this task efficiently you need to start running toward the first one as soon as you talk with Varustante and let him know you are ready. Blue markers start showing up in the north side of the island, following its east and south borders, back to Varustante again. Keep sprinting when you have stamina to do so (potions also help).

The Third (Alandare) challenge

Alandare tests your strength. This is the quickest and the least fun part. To complete it you need to defeat waves of enemies.

Quest ends as you complete the last challenge.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Quickest route for this checkpoint is to go under the wooden platform towards the blue marker in the distance.

It is easy to fail, if you are goofing around like me.

Alandare starts the final challenge.

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