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TESO Press Beta Impressions

teso tamriel
Last week, Bethesda and Zenimax Studios invited members of the press for an exclusive preview of the Elder Scrolls Online. The press played through the starting zones, and shared their impressions about character creation, skill progression, crafting, racial perks and much more. You can find the Consolidated List of ESO Press Beta Links below:
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February Beta invites and Beta keys

february testing
Zenimax just announced that a new batch of beta invite emails has been sent out. Beta will take place this weekend. Announcement says that the NDA is still in place and you should not share screenshots, videos or information with the general public. I guess this answers our speculation about whether the NDA drops this Friday.
What is peculiar about this beta though is that Curse.com has got 500,000 beta keys to give away for it. You have to become a premium member of Curse (which will set you back USD 4.95 for one month) to be eligible to get that key a full two days before everyone else:
Premium Only: February 4th – 5th, 2014
All Curse Members: February 6th – 10th, 2014
This is the first time that anyone else other than Zenimax is providing a way to enter the ESO beta and we can only hope that these types of giveaway will become more abundant as we approach launch day. Here’s to hoping to see a new beta weekend every weekend for the next two months so everyone can experience the game and stress out the servers in preparation for launch day mayhem.

TESO Beta Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

ESO Emperor Armor concept
Lately, official twitter account of The Elder Scrolls Online has became more active with the announcements and answers to questions about TESO and plans for future Betas.
Closing in on the official launch of the ESO, which is bound to happen on 4.4.14 for PC and Mac platforms, many fans asked about future Beta plans:

ESO future Beta plans

Question: When is the next beta?
Answer: We haven’t announced our schedule of beta events, but don’t worry. There will be many more events between now and launch.
Q: How to re-apply for the next beta?
A: There’s no need to re-apply! You will remain eligible to participate in all future ESO events. Keep an eye on your inbox!
Q: I missed beta because I didn’t see my invite in the mail!
A: Don’t worry about not having been able to participate, as this won’t affect your chances at being invited to future ESO events.
Q: When will TESO beta start for consoles?
A: The console beta for TESO will start at a later date. When we have more info, we’ll share it here. Stay tuned!
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New TESO beta invites

teso screenshot

Great news came from Bethesda as the developer announced that new set of beta invites were sent to selected group of registered email addresses.

The official The Elder Scrolls Online site said:

We’re greeting the new year with a round of beta invites. Check your registered email address to find out if you received one, and don’t forget to look in your spam folder just in case.

Even though release date is getting near it is also said that those unlucky ones still have the chance to get into beta before official launch of TESO.

First Beta Invites Sent

Beta Invites First Wave

Among the PAX East 2013 news we got some pretty exciting news from the TESO team. Apparently, they sent out their first wave of beta invites today! In their own words, it is a small wave, so chances are very slim to have been selected among, probably a million, gamers that applied for the beta. Still, this is a big step in MMORPG pre-release schedule and you can almost smell the release being close now. This also means that these waves of beta invites are going to get bigger and more frequent so soon enough a lot of us will be able to taste the game first hand and contribute to making it better.

Source: Official Announcement