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ESO Quests Database

es quest db screenshot

We are proud to announce that we have made available our Elder Scrolls Online quests database. This is a searchable list of all quests found in ESO. We provide basic information about each quest, like quest level, zone, text and objective information. What sets our database apart is that some of the quests also contain starting NPC information as well as map marked location of where the quest starts in certain zones. We went one step further and provided full screenshot walkthroughs and guides for some of the quests (like Izad’s Treasure and Rending Flames) so if you get stuck while adventuring we hope these guides will help you resolve their problems quicker. If there are quests you would like us to provide guides for please leave a comment on quest’s page and we’ll attempt to accomodate you once the game launches and we have access to its content. We will try and provide starting location and NPC information for as many quests as we can, but since this is all manual work it might take a few weeks to enter all the information we collected during the beta period. Any suggestions and feedback are welcome, but in the meantime feel free to browse our Quests Database.

UPDATE: We managed to update the quests database with quest type data so you can now find all quests related to the Main Story or to the Mage and Fighters Guild.