Warden Class – Everything We Know

Warden is the new class in ESO: Morrowind. What we’ve seen of it suggests it’s a druid of some kind, a defender of nature. The wardens rely on wildlife to aid them in battle, and they have command of Tamriel’s flora. They can also become experts at using ice magic, which can provide both offensive and defensive boons. Read on to see everything we know about ESO Morrowind Warden, their skill lines and combat abilities.

eso morrowind warden everything we know

How to play Warden

The warden is a versatile support class. It seems like it will work best for players who like to be able to join various groups. No matter how you choose to develop your warden, you’ll always be useful in a team. The abilities were designed in such a way that they’re easy to use, but difficult to master.

There’s a post on the official blog that tells the Warden’s story from the perspective of another in-game character. It says the wardens are loners, sometimes traveling in pairs, albeit rarely. The wildlife keeps them company, and they live in the forests of Tamriel, protecting the realm of the goddess Y’ffre. They have no problem with violence, and rely on conjuration and alteration to defeat their enemies. Even though they serve the forest, they do not adhere to the Green Pact.

Warden skill lines

The warden has three skill lines: animal companion, green balance and winter’s embrace.

Animal companion

This skill line allows you to summon animals to your aid. They can either attack your enemies, or provide you with buffs and stat boosts.

Active skills:

  • Dive (Cutting Dive/Screaming Cliff Racer) – Sic a Cliff Racer onto your enemies.
  • Scorch (Deep Fissure/Subterranean Assault) – Make Shalk attack your enemies in a line.
  • Swarm (Fletcher Infection/Growing Swarm) – Summon Fetcherflies to attack your foes.
  • Betty Netch (Blue Betty/Bull Netch) – Call upon a Netch to provide you with buffs.
  • Falcon’s Swiftness (Bird of Prey/Deceptive Predator) – Invoke the falcon spirit to gain temporary bonuses.
  • Feral Guardian (Wild Guardian/Eternal Guardian) – Summon a War Bear.

Passive skills:

  • Bond With Nature – Get healed when your animal companion dies.
  • Savage Beast – Dealing damage with companion abilities grants Ultimate.
  • Flourish – Increased magicka and stamina regen when you equip a companion ability.
  • Advanced Species – Increased companion damage for every companion ability equipped.

Green Balance

Summon plants to heal your and your allies, provide buffs and more.

Active abilities:

  • Fungal Growth (Enchanted Growth/Soothing Spores) – Heal you and allies in frontal cone.
  • Healing Seed (Corrupting Pollen/Budding Seeds) – Put down a field of flowers that heals everyone in a radius.
  • Living Vines (Leeching Vines/Living Trellis) – Summon vines that heal your or an wounded ally every time you get hit.
  • Lotus Flower (Green Lotus/Lotus Blossom) – A blessing that causes you to heal when you attack.
  • Nature’s Grasp (Nature’s Embrace/Bursting Vines) – Teleport to ally and heal them.
  • Secluded Grove (Healing Thicket/Enchanted Forest) – Put down a large healing field around yourself or a teammate.

Passive abilities:

  • Accelerated Growth – Gain buff when healing someone with less than 50% health.
  • Nature’s Gift – Gain stamina or magicka when healing.
  • Emerald Moss – Improve healing abilities for every healing skill equipped.
  • Maturation – Increases defense of characters you heal.

Winter’s Embrace

These abilities allow you to manipulate ice into all kinds of shields, barriers, projectiles and weapons.

Active skills:

  • Frost Cloak (Expansive Frost Cloak/Ice Fortress) – Increase physical and spell resistance of your and nearby allies.
  • Arctic Wind (Polar Wind/Arctic Blast) – Heal 10% instantly, then slowly regenerate.
  • Impaling Shards (Gripping Shards/Winter’s Revenge) – Deal frost damage to enemies in a radius and slow them down.
  • Crystallized Shield (Crystallized Slab/Shimmering Shield) – Create a shield that absorbs projectiles and restores magicka.
  • Frozen Gate (Frozen Device/Frozen Retreat) – Spawn a portal that teleports enemies towards you and roots them.
  • Sleet Storm (Northern Storm/Permafrost) – Cause a hailstorm, doing damage and slowing down enemies, while buffing allies.

Passive skills:

  • Glacial Presence – Increased chance of chilling enemies.
  • Frozen Armor – Increased physical and spell resistance for every Winter’s Embrace skill you equip.
  • Ice Aura – Reduce effectivnes of snares against you.
  • Piercing Cold – Increase physical and frost damage.

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